Friday, April 17, 2015

Munch Crunch and Slurp

Do you love food ? Do you think food ? Do you love cooking food ? I mean loving food is like loving any other thing in life .

And so you have to treat food with all the trust , respect and dignity and enjoy every bit of it ! Making it as well as eating it !!!

I am sure you all will agree with it ! 

So if you are looking for mouth watering recipes , no better place than to visit my friends Facebook page !! And try those yummiest recipes ! Don't forget to hit the like button 😄

The link is below 

Plate the food !! Close your eyes ! Take that one big breath !! Begin to eat ! Chew each bite ! Taste all the flavors !! And say I LOVE FOOD 

Angels Walk Among Us !!!

Do you believe in Angels ? Well, I do !! 

Everyone should believe in Angels!! Everyone needs them , at least one good one !

Today , my soul was lifted by that one Angel. She made me believe that Angels do really walk among us .

Friends are those precious people that make a second home away from our home . They are our family by choice. I am convinced that I have greatest friends in my life and and they have been there for me always ! 

But , She walked into my life at the most unexpected circumstances. It's difficult to explain sometimes how and why people end up together . They just do !! They come into your life and you know right away that they are meant to be there  " SHE " is one of them . We just know each other for more than a year now , but since the time we have met , she has amazed me with her unconditional support !!

I believe everything happens for a reason. Illness , injury , love , heartbreaks , some foolish and sheer stupidity all of it occurs to test us , test the limit of our soul . And in these testing times , today I had her holding my hand praying together with me for me and my family and telling  me " it shall pass , it's just a phase " !!!!

What a beautiful gift , she has given me !!

Her gentle loving kindness has greatly touched my heart !! She made me believe and experience that ,

" Angels do exist , they walk among us "