Sunday, May 26, 2013

Friends - God's Perfect Gift

When god created the world and all the magnificent things, he outdid it by creating friends.
A friend is a channel through which emotional spiritual and sometimes physical blessing flow. Life seems pretty boring without friends.

I always had a little bit of smaller bunch of friends and among them there were few who were best friends. But to top it all, among the best lot, I had those few who were closest to me, the ones with who I shared my biggest secrets and was the keeper of their deepest secrets as well. They were the ones who could push me and make me see the best in me.

Why not take this opportunity and thank all those who have been in my life till now as my closest friends.


I met my childhood best friend vedangee in kindergarten. My mother had taken me to the school on the very first day, and left me to the teacher saying she would be back in few hours to pick me up.!!!

Suddenly tears started to roll down my eyes, no it was not tears rather we can put it has a loud sound along with tears which is called “ crying “. I didn't understand why my mother had to leave me with a bunch of kids who were in no better state then I was and a complete stranger lady, who was called a teacher…

Nevertheless, the final goodbyes ended with my mom, and an assurance that she would be back I was walked by the teacher through the class. Our slow and tender steps walk ended next to a small table and chairs where already another girl was sitting and yes who was crying as well !!!.(It was our first day at school!!!!).

I sat next to her and then teacher gave us some crayons and coloring paper. Slowly, the crying faded in the joy of coloring. Both of us knew each other by now with our names... (Also with our nick names).

Soon we had started sharing our crayons, and fighting over who had colored the pictures better!!! .

Vedangee was with me till 7th grade, and we shared a special close relation among the rest.

That’s how I met my first ever friend, who became my closest buddy in my childhood days. She still holds a special place in my heart.

As I grew older I started to appreciate friendships and relationships more in my life. I still remember, I always wondered who to trust and who would understand me better. Then came along in my life


In the 8th grade, all the students were shuffled as per subjects opted and hence it was time to leave behind the secondary school friends while moving on to higher secondary. The day I entered my class I could see few familiar faces among the strangers who were not my friends.

I will have to make new friends “I was aware “but how “I was not sure “. I made my way through all the front row desks which were already occupied and decided to sit on the second last desk. 

A while later, a tall girl with hair plaited. Walks up to the desk, and occupies the place next to me.
Both of us had the same thought in our minds, “Ok, we are going to be bench mates “.

“I always end up sitting at the last benches, because of my height “she said.

I smiled and replied, “For me there was no choice, as the entire front desks are already occupied.

We both smiled …..

By the end of the day, our nerdiness and the craziness for the movies and the admiration for the same movie 
stars made us bond like we knew each other since years. A bond I would say was instantaneous. We bunked classes, when we struggled with assignments we knew we had each other to fall back on, even shared with each other our first crush. (The initial teen age crush!!!).Her family became my second family. We shared our god and bad times, sad and happy moments.

Time does not wait it moves on. She moved to the different country after marriage, but even though it has been years now we have not met, even though we live in two different countries, we do catch up with each other over social sites.

Virtually, every new chapter in life has potential to disrupt friendships. As the chapter called marriage unfolded in my life, I moved on to a foreign land holding hands with my better half, and unknown territory which I entered, hoping to make some new friends…

I truly, believed that through fate and bit by chance, I will definitely find some smiling faces and helping hands… which I did… and among all I found..


It was a beautiful Sunday morning; we all mutual friends had planned a picnic to a nearby dam. It was decided to meet at a friend’s house, at particular time. We arrived a bit late.  You all can imagine if you are a mother of a 2 year old than how it would be?

When we reached the porch of the friend’s house, I saw a couple sitting outside, it was obvious I had never seen them before, thought them to be relatives.

Hi!!  We are sorry, we are a bit late, “I said to the couple.

The lady looked at me, and nodded with a bit of sly smile. I found her to be a bit arrogant at the first look.

On seeing us, the friend came and introduced the couple to us, and said “they are new to the town, so thought to join them along “.

I smiled said “Hi “and the husbands greeted each other with a handshake.

My husband told Annapurna and Ashwin (the couple‘s name) to join us in our car.

My eyebrows raised , thinking, the women carries attitude how am I going to travel the distance with them?

Anyways, the trip to the dam began …

On our way, I came to understand that the reason she was upset was they were informed a wrong time. 

They had reached our friends place, an hour and a half before. The reason of her annoyance now fell in place for me. Even I would have reacted the same way, if I was in her place.

We talked, and talked and talked and it just clicked between us. We shared the same interest, same ideas, same thinking over certain things. The entire picnic, we were kind of glued to each other. Hardly noticing what the rest were up to.

The day came to an end, it was time to go to our dwellings, but it led us to theirs.

Since that day, we had so many outings together, dinners and sleepovers at each other’s house.

We bonded into friendship, but our commitment to friendship made the bond. She knows me in and out and it’s always a wonderful feeling to find that someone knows you better than your own self Annapurna happens to be that someone. A friend you are able to talk to about anything, to feel the unconditional love and acceptance and never being judged.

It never feels like we aren't close, just because we don’t stay in the same country anymore. Though we are apart we have maintained our long distance friendship.

Friends might come and go in your life, they can make us cry and laugh but what is most important is that they love you for who you are. Friendships are not some contract which is made on paper. It is a commitment for life which is renewed every time you keep in touch.

With life’s challenges. I have not been able to keep in touch with my friends, but I want all of them to know that even we are apart physically and emotionally, though we do not talk or have not seen each other in years. I really appreciate the treasure of friendships, joys and sorrows that we shared...

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Neo Imaginations said...

Initially i thought it was too long to read...but when i started i didnt realize that i finished it. Good one Hope ur three good friends too read this..They shud infact.

Shazneen said...

Thanks , neo pardy.. they would ..have sent it across to them :).

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detailed post.

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loved reading this post!

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Gauri ...thanks :)