Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Mother - My Academy

Why is it when we were younger we thought we knew everything, yet the older we get the more we realize we don’t know what we thought we knew? Thank God, he gave us all mothers who taught us things in simple and quite ways.

My mother was widowed at age 49 and left alone to raise me, my sister and my brother. She had to quickly learn to do things she’d never done before, but as she was always been strong intelligent, independent lady learning things didn’t take long. Along the life’s challenges, she took one big life lesson with her, the more you do things for yourself, the better. Since then, she taught us to be self reliant and self sufficient.

Always supportive, she clapped loudest at my school plays; held box of tissues while listening to my heartbreaks, confronted and encouraged me when it was needed.

I learned from watching her that no matter what life throws at you there is a choice to keep walking forward or to give up. Throughout my young age, there were several instances when, I felt stuck or trapped in a situation, times when I felt most paralyzed; she reminded me that we always have options. The options might give us setbacks, but they are not insurmountable.

It was this advice that allowed me to make some of the life’s most challenging decisions as an adult. It pushed me to throw my hat in the ring from a high level job and move to another city, it was this advice which made me leave a lucrative career behind in order to follow my passions and my dreams.

This advice is what made me survivor in life, my own little family have learned to survive changes , we have learned that changes bring opportunity rather than being something we should fear.
To sum it up, I would not have taken any of the worthy risk of my adult life without it.

I think lots of us grow up believing that our parents are perfect and then suffer when at some stage they make big mistake, the fantasy is shattered and the damage seems great. My mother always made me realize she was not perfect nor was her life. She always told me “No one is perfect, baby that’s why pencils have erasers “.

I had a complete freedom to try whatever my heart lead me to do , I never had a curfew in my life,  the message said that  “ she trusted me enough to let me find my way “. Guess free parenting at its best!!!!

She gave me priceless treasures, taught me love  and compassion are value that life’s all about,  giving is more precious than even gold, the love and care which I will give will return  to me in ten folds ….
Even if doesn’t seem like it, hard word and perseverance pay off in the end. She taught me the value of guilt and conscious, struggles make us who we are and give us strength to be stronger.
One of the most important things she taught me is “There is only one life for each one of us, OUR OWN “… and live it to the fullest!!!!!

She remains the most loving and giving woman I have ever come across and I am honored to have her as my mother, my siblings and I are blessed, in the way she shaped our lives.
People often ask me how I stay so calm or how I maintain an optimistic outlook and my reply is “it’s all in the genes “ !!!

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Manjulika Pramod said...

Nice one...
True keep walking because life is about living to the fullest.

I concur-- Pencils have erasers... so life too allows errors.

Richa Singh said...

lovely read... its true we have moms to show us how life can be...