Monday, January 28, 2013

Life After Death ???

Recently I came across a book written by Conan Doyle, in 1981 called,” The New Revelation “. The book is all about his views on spiritualism and psychic phenomena. I found it to be an interesting read.

There is life after death, has been much talked  about topic since centuries. People throughout time have talked about angels, spirits, ghost entities and communications from beyond. We have heard a lot of stories on reincarnation, many of young children who wouldn't  have had any access or the understanding to either imaging or produce on their own of the tales they tell.

More and more often, with the help if the modern medication and medical equipment, the occurrence of near death experiences are brought out in open.

I agree that not all believe in life after death, but statistics have indicated that approximately 80% of the world’s population believe in life after death, they believe that we have a soul and that is continues to exist even after our physical death, that there is heaven and there is hell, and there is some creator who we call god who watches over our acts. Now our of 20% left  , few or say about half are sitting on the fence who have yet not made up their mind and are not sure what to believe and what not to. The rest left are the ones who need to be convinced and shown proof. 

There are too many questions at hand, yes there’s too much of evidence that indicates that there is more to existence of life than our physical senses can comprehend.

What we  have to think about is , has anyone shown us absolute proof that once you die, that’s it, game over, nothing more exists?  Whereas, there are thousands and thousands thoroughly investigated and documented cases point to the fact that there is something beyond the material experiences of our physical realm.

Years back there was  a program aired on a  TV channel, which had gained a lot of popularity , ( Raaz Pichcale Janam Ka ) , I always wondered if such things really could happen , at present there is another TV show which is gaining a lot of attention , ( Fear Files ..) also makes me ponder over the whole thing yet again.

Is there life after death?  What do you believe in?

I honestly would not deny I am among the few who are sitting on the fence thinking what to believe and what not too!!!!!


Saurin Joshi said...

Good Day !!!

It was nice reading the article.

I strongly believe that a soul has to take may births before it can reach the stage of enlightenment // Moksha.My Mom always tells that the Journey of a soul is like a T.V. serial and our current life is like a single episode. We sometimes feels confused about life because we donot know our previous episodes.

Recently I have gone through many real life stories on reincarnation, i would like to share a few stories i found on the internet :

A child can re-call the past life maximum upto the age of 9 years after that chances are very less.And not all children can re-call. Many a times parents take it as "made up stories".

I came across a blog (i forgot the name) in which a researcher has pointed our similarities of the past life and current life like : Similar hand writings, scar marks for some physical accidents happened in the past, very strong liking for material thing which a person liked in the past list .. and so on.

Keep posting on the blog.
Saurin Joshi (from Kurush Sir's office)

Shazneen said...

saurin,thanks for reading the post and more important taking the time out and commenting over it.

I completely agree with your mom , life in true sense is like TV serial, and we all are living in episodes.

I would go through the site you have mentioned , hope it will make me take a decision and I would walk over the fence and be the part of the ones who believe that there is life after death.