Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Baggage

Have you seen it? How does it look? Red, Black, Green.

Of course we all have it, may be the face is different but we all carry it with us.  We have stored it in remotest part of our brain or somewhere deep in our hearts.

I call it our “Emotional Baggage “!!

Even the most flawless upbringing has its share of “Emotional Baggage “!!!

I realized that when; I met a friend after ages. She had a perfect upbringing a stay at home mom, a loving father, siblings who would do anything for each other!!! 

This perfection had somewhere spilled in her adulthood, the conflicts which she had never witnessed or had seen!!  She has far too high expectations of all the relationships she made in her life; there is no space of disagreements or conflicts!!!

And she carries the “Baggage “all the while with her!!!!!

Every day we come across an enormous ocean of sad, depressed and unfriendly faces either wizened in the crowded streets, sitting in public places, our workplace or may be in our neighborhood.

Its haunts a lot of people and the shadows of the past follow people in their dreams or even all day long.

There are few who live in constant refutation, they decide to spend their life totally detached with the real world. Whereas, you will find some people who will constantly find blame in others, everyone is wrong m except themselves.

I have come across a lot of people who are always searching for something in their life. They say, there is something missing in life, but they can’t identify what it is?

I have known few, who have not been able to carry the weight of the emotional baggage and have succumbed to it.  They feel, their existence has no meaning at all  and they find no reason at all to fight at all, to them the fight is over, if there was one in the first place.

And I have also come across people who go through the life like a jetsam. It’s like they let the current of life take them wherever, it does not really matters to them!!!

Is it that the world we are living or existing so cruel?  What causes this emotional suffering I wonder   ?

The list is long, childhood trauma, betrayals, lost hopes, poverty, broken hearts, dreams and relationships, health, financial problems and it can just go on and on...

Who is to be blamed?  the fast paced society , the material quest , toys , gadgets, the advanced technology , relationships which are getting brittle day by day , deteriorating family ties and the expectations which we have from self.

“Time is the best Healer “ but it works only you take those little steps towards the healing process!!!!!

Is everything lost? Not yet!!! Try and understand the inner voice, your needs.
There is more to life than just carrying the Emotional Baggage, that’s what I think!!!


Unknown said...

Very beautiful post...Very beautiful indeed...Loved the picture and text that you have put on it. :)

Shazneen said...

priyanka ! thanks a ton