Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Friend Request Accepted !!

The other day I read an article in a magazine “Are your Face- book Friends Your Real Friends “?

A wonderful thing to ponder about!!! I am no different I have 283 friends on my face-book account. How many actually are my real friends?  

Networking has become the in thing today, a collective nerve these days. Today we grieve over the discourtesy of people constantly texting while out at dinner, sitting along with friends and even while spending quality time with family.

Updating the Face book status is like telling the world what you are doing, thinking, eating. It has become a need to remain plugged in and being watched, heard, seen and tracked.

It’s the need to be constantly being connected.

I think Facebook is creating a tiered level of friends. There are friends from your past, people from your school/college with whom you had some great times, who were your real friends then but now they are memories. They are still on Facebook, friend list is ludicrous , but the fact remains that once you have friended them , you laugh over some shared memories, hit a few “ like “ buttons here and there and the conversations come to an end .     

There are friends who are some lost acquaintances , whom you had met at a relative’s wedding some dinner party , a casual get together, about whom you just happened to think one day and search them on Facebook , “viola ‘ !! They are!!! You friend them, they hit you back and that is probably the limit of the communication between the two of you.

There are your friends the ones you know and talk to in real life and they also happen to be your facebook friends as well, but you hardly have facebook interactions with them as you don’t need to because you interact with them in person on daily basis, I am sure we all have our spouse as our “friend “on our facebook account isn’t it?
Yes I agree that Face book has turned out to be an unyielding and viable resource for maintaining connections and is the wave of the present times. We definitely enjoy the extensive networks created by us, and how easily we try to deal with it and as well as nostalgic apparatus of finding old friends and delighting in the renewed connections.

Face book is   like a “village “where we know each other but we don’t necessarily talk to all of them!!!

It’s more of the popularity factor, the number of friends you have in your account will tell the world how vast network you have and how connected you are, but a Real friend? Tough to say!!!

I think what all these friends do is fit as one piece in the so called puzzle our life history , it fills in some gaps , help us see from where we came and where are  today  and give us a nice laugh.

 Face book has for sure changed the background of friendship, But to reclaim the word “Real friend “we need to actually meet someone from time to time.

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