Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Jacket !!!

That day we were at our eye-doctors clinic. I could see the bad weather ahead as the sky was full of dark and smoky clouds. As soon as we got inside the car, it started to pour so heavily that in a short while   the roads were flooded, the traffic came to a halt. We managed to reach our building gate, after an hour and a half, which otherwise is half an hour drive from the clinic.

As we were about to reach our apartment building, a man came in front of us, totally wet, shivering with cold, trying to push his vegetable cart in the water clogged street. He was walking so slowly, as if in some pain.

All three my husband, my 7 year old son Tanush and I watched him for several minutes, till he managed to pull the cart away from our way so that we could enter the building.

By the time we parked the car, and I could say anything Tanush ran and took the stairs and we obviously opted for the lift. We reached the 4th floor at the same time though.

Tanush rushed inside the house.

“ Dadi !!! Dadi !!!  he screamed .

By now he had already reached, her room.

“Dadi, do you have any of Dadu’s raincoat which is now small for him and he does not wear? He asked in a panting voice.

“No! Dadu does not wear raincoats he wears a jacket “my mother- in law replied.

“Ok, so do you have a jacket?  He asked again.

 I was already near my mother- in- laws room by now and hearing the entire conversation.

My mother in law looked at me; I just shrugged as a response unaware of the whole reason why Tanush was asking for a jacket.

Why do you need a jacket Tanush? I asked.

Dadi!!Fast please search fast – he was jumping.

My mother in law was already, searching something in the heap of old clothes by this time, she removed a jacket in a proper condition and handed it over to him.

Thanks!!!!! – was barely heard by us and he was out of the house.

I never got a reply to my question!!!!!

I was scared and worried at the same time, not knowing what was going on in his mind. So I followed him, grabbing an umbrella on my way out.

I saw Tanush, near the gate talking to the watch man; the watchman held his hand and they both were out of the gate.

My heart missed a bit, I was almost running now.  When I reached the main gate, I was dumb stuck to what I saw.

Tanush was standing in front of that man who we had seen a while ago pushing his vegetable cart .The man had not gone very far, he was sitting under a tree, shivering . Tanush hesitated a bit and then went closer to the man and offered him the jacket.

The man was stunned. He refused at first and then looked towards the gate at me, I smiled. Tanush offered the jacket again, this time he took the jacket with a smile.

Tanush walked inside the building all drenched and wet. He held my hand for a while walked till the lift, and then ran away taking the stairs yet again.

He did not have to explain me why he needed the jacket.

I stood in the lift, with tears rolling down my eyes, and pressed the 4th floor button.

­­­­­­­­­­­­Life is not fair and it will never be!! .

It’s only such little act of kindness, which are neither expensive nor complicated. They just leave a smile on someone’s face and on ours too.

I believe children learn what they live and what they see, so if they live by doing such little acts of kindness, they are quite certain to follow all their life.

I hope my son keeps, following it too and the kindness does not fade away somewhere in this materialistic world.

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kalpana solsi said...

Your son is so sweet and the world will salute him as a good human being. An apt winning post.

Neo Imaginations said...

A beautiful post. Learning from our own kids is a double bonus. U get satisfaction and pride at the same time. I appreciate ur upbringing.

Shazneen said...
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Shazneen said...

I never thought , I would ever pen this incident, the reason being it would seem more of self praising my son .

Thank you so much for the comments, I just hope that he really turns into a good human with time and age :) after all thats what matters !!

Anita Sabat said...

A touching story, Shaznin!
Really good when kids and all do good. It's a great honest share that's not self-praising...
Congrats for the win!

Proactive Indian said...

Lovely post and a deserving winner!

It's good you overcame your hesitation to write about this incident. Any such good deed deserves to be praised and spoken about.