Sunday, May 12, 2013

Forgetful Me ............

Forgetfulness hits us in varying degrees and at different points of time in our life , which actually makes us think , and wonder as to  , is it really that we are ageing ( we are told , that with age we tend to forget isn't it ? ) or are we really stressed , too much stressed that we tend to forget things on and off…

Adventure starts in my house early morning with, my husband leaving for the office around the same time when my son leaves of school, so you can imagine, how is it for a wife and mom at that point of time, I am actually multitasking, packing my son’s lunch box, giving the breakfast to my husband, with occasional shouts at my son, “Get ready fast or you may miss your bus “.

After few minutes the house is a silent zone, and that’s the time I sit with the newspaper in one hand and my breakfast in the other. I eat up the entire breakfast, just wondering what is that one thing missing on the table. “Coffee” of course, I realize when hours later, I open the microwave to warm my lunch and see my coffee mug inside.

“That’s Forgetful Me ….”

I generally pull my reading glasses over my head, when I am not doing any reading or writing and then race down the entire house trying to track them down, telling myself “Why don’t I keep my things where they belong” and as soon as I bend down to check a particular drawer, they slide down from my head and sit on my nose…….

“That’s Forgetful Me ….”

To search for my car keys, is like a treasure hunt in the house, starting from the purse, to the kitchen shelves, near the micro and above the fridge. After a lots of efforts and mournful sighs I go and sit on the sofa in the living room, and there the keys are between the Laughing Buddha statue and the phone , of course yesterday when I entered the house , the first thing I did was , attended a phone call ….

“That’s Forgetful Me ….”

The grocery list always seems to be missing from my purse and I always wonder how it finds its way out from my purse!! Cribbing and cursing I manage to fill the trolley with the necessities. I return home and place the grocery bags in the kitchen, walk upon the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water, there I see the grocery list, tucked to a smiley fridge magnet …” viola I never made it to your purse”….

“That’s Forgetful Me ….”

Tea parties with friends on a particular day is very much marked on my planner and I read it as a ritual daily, telling myself that I have to be there without fail. The reminder of the same thing is on my phone as well, which I quietly close when it rings. When a friend calls to check how long would I take to reach, as everyone is waiting for me …?  I just realize that I got busy into something else …

“That’s Forgetful Me ….”

I wonder, I am starting to lose my brain power, am I really losing it upstairs.
I wonder, what is that I should do?  I think I need to focus, and without any excuses.
I may be forgetful at times, and I can’t rely on people to remind me things or take care of me …..

After all I am grown up now – I have to take care of my memory and myself…
I should take note of it and clip it on my soft board... but where is my Writing PEN!!!

“That’s Forgetful Me ….”

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Anonymous said...

hadNice description of that sweet forgetfulness which we face daily in our household....Good Luck

Shazneen said...

Thank you . :)

A day in the life of a MOM said...

OMG,,,I thought I was the only one forgetting things..guess am not alone !

Shazneen said...

Guari , I feel great to read as well , that I am not alone as well :)

Kalpana Muzumdar said...

I just love the way you always turn simple everyday events into interesting and thought provoking writings in such lucid and articulate language. Keep it Up Shanu!

Shazneen said...

Thanks Kalpana.