About Me

A daughter, sister,wife and a mother with all the roles up my sleeve, I read and pursue my writing through my blog.I believe that thoughts are like waves , which are difficult to control , hence I pen them down whenever , whatever comes to my mind.

I am not a routine blogger !!!! My blog neither is on specific topic nor I pen down regularly . Life teaches us first and we learn later, so my blog is more on the incidences of my  life or some incidences which has left some impact in my life. I believe , we laugh on it , we cry over it , we love it and we hate it as well , but we still live it ....... That's Life !!!!!

The time when I am not doing anything , I  sit in my balcony , with a steaming cup of tea and watch the clouds and mountains which are far away and beyond my reach ,, that's what I call " ME TIME " !!

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