Monday, December 9, 2013

Who Is Driving Your Life ?

The biggest challenge faced by people in today’s time is the feeling that our lives are just spiraling out of control. The events the circumstances we are in all lead us to a road, a route that has no control over all the misfortunes and wrong doings that has brought us actually to this moment in life.

But do you think that our life can change on its own? The truth is that our life will not change unless and until we take the full responsibility for it. What matters is our ability to respond, take responsibility of the situation rather than accepting any form of blame of the situation we get into.

We have to realize that it’s never the events of our lives, but the way respond to these events will shape-up our lives and create our life. We have to stop being the creatures of circumstances, and start responding to the situation in a way that we want, so that we can take our life where we desire.

It’s high time that we stop blaming any and every thing that happens to us, it’s time we understand that responsibility is not something you have to go out and search, it’s within us. It’s the power that calls on to us and makes us realize that it’s we are to be blamed at to whatever happens to us and no one else. Most of us are conditioned to blame someone else, for all the parts of our life that don’t work. No one else can make us happy or sad; it’s our own self which will do that.

We need to get back behind the wheel of our life, take control and direct the life we choose to live. Do you really think that it’s the conditions of our life that brings us to the state we are in? The answer is a big “NO “. It’s not the conditions but rather the decisions as to what things mean to us and what are we going to do about it, creates the real conditions of our life.

If we keep on blaming someone or something else, we will always remain bound, because we would only rely on something or someone to be responsible for how we feel, for our state of mind and our life. Ultimately it would be that someone who would be running our life and not we!! Instead we should get behind the wheel, and drive our life the way we want to, take it where we need to go rather than going with the flow.

I believe that there are two choices in our life, the conscious and the other unconscious (no rocket science in it!!).  You can go with the flow, sit back, relax and let the events and the circumstances lead the river of our life and take us where ever it wants to go or we can have both your hands on the steering wheel, control your life, we make the decision as to which way we would like to go.

I don t intend to say, by taking responsibility of things, we will be able to control our life completely or we start living in self pity or blame. Yes we won’t be able to control all the events of our life, but we will definitely able to make a decision on which event is important to us, and how are we going to react to it to bring an outcome.

Taking responsibility is all about being in charge, calling out our own shots, create our own world. We need to take that shift in the thinking and behavior. To turn problems in to opportunities and that the key to turn the ordinary life to something called extraordinary.

We win some we lose some, hence winning and losing in life is an internal game, no one can take our responsibility or no one can give us responsibility. it’s like an internal process ,a switch within us that only needs to either be turned on of turned off.

Life for sure is an amazing adventure, but only if you perceive it to be one, we are the ones who get to steer the ship of our life and direct the course. We won’t be ever able to control the wind but what we can do is direct the sail.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing – Helen Keller

What is it for you??

Monday, December 2, 2013

Lost & Found

At the end of the day, as I sit in front of my television set, hop to my favorite music channel and start reading my book from where I had left. 

Ok that’s, my normal routine at night, once I put my son to be bed. I call it as “Me  Time "…..

I had just finished reading a page and my eyes moved from the book to the television set , my uncles favorite song was being played ,” Yeh Zindagi Usiki Hai , Jo kisi ka ho gaya “ …. .  It has been 7 years, my uncle passed away, but whenever I hear this song, it brings smile on my face ….

I started listening to music, because of him ,he use to have a Murphy Radio , with him and me as a child use to be either in his lap, or playing around listening to songs and this was the first one which he had taught me to sing …..

The song reminded me of collection of all my uncles’ favorite songs, was with me in a CD …!!! I remember sitting with him for hours and compiling the whole bunch of songs.

Where was it? I remember I had taken it as token of his memory? Where did I keep it? I suddenly had that urge to find the CD, in the middle of a night.

It was not there in my cd rack, cd covers; none of the drawers had it either!!!!

“No I could not have thrown it by mistake also”!!!  How can I miss his writing on the CD!!!

God!!! What an IDIOT I have been!! “I cursed myself. How can I misplace it???

I switched of the television, walked to my son’s room just to check on him before I retired for the day.  I was about; to close his room door and I had that voice from within, as if someone telling me to check my son’s drawers. I did exactly what my mind and heart told me to do. And there in one of the covers, it was shining brightly, written with a black marker on it “MY FAVORITES “!!!!!

Going down the memory lane is not my every day routine, it’s not something which we do every day, but I am sure, there are some days when we do think about our old times…

I guess, today was that day for me …..

I grabbed the CD, rushed to the room, slid it into my player and pressed the “play" button. while listening to the songs, tears rolled down  my eyes, with the thought , that though my uncle  has passed on to the other world , what remains with me is the fragrance of his perfume and hair cream which made a fantastic combo , coupled with the smell of cigarette smoke to his clothes. Which I will never forget!!!!!

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