Friday, September 21, 2012

Fly or Be Invisible!!!!!

Few days back we had invited some of our friends over at home, and apparently on their arrival and being asked about my son, I directed them to his room. Recently my son's favorite serials happen to be “Power Rangers “and “Rhykendo “and all super power stuff. (chhota bheem , tom and jerry  happens to be kiddy  stuff now a days for him !!!) . On reaching his room , my friends husband saw him watching some super power serial ( I am a bit to bad at the names !!!!).

I couldn’t hear their conversation, as got busy with the guests in the living room, but after a while when my friend’s husband returned to the living room; he had that smile on his face. On asking what made him smile, he said “I asked your son, if he got a chance what super power he would have, ability to fly or to be invisible? He was very clear, he wanted, TO FLY!!!!  It was no surprise for me, as he is a physical child, as is always on a goooooo!!!!!

We all had a hearty laugh at the conversation they had and at the same time, the same question became the point of discussion among the adults. We started wondering, what would we choose?

To me it seemed no brainer, to fly most definitely!!!! (Each one had their own choice!!!)
To me ability to fly offered a lot more fun, adventure, freedom. The thought of just being able to go anywhere, anytime (without gas, without traffic jams,); you are there in a split second!!!!
Being invisible, offers range of opportunities as well, but to me it just seemed a bit sneaky (or guesses I was a bit uncomfortable thinking about it!!).

When we all were sharing our thoughts on the question thrown, I started to think, what does our choice say about us? It actually revealed more about us, our choices reflect us isn’t it!!!

All the men sitting in my living room, choose to fly and most of the women wanted to be invisible (no surprises why??). All the men wanted to reach everywhere faster and without traffic jams and hassles and women wanted to be invisible so they can sit and listen to what is being said about them!!! 

My 6 year old  who had just entered the living  room with his friends , happened to hear us  , and said “ Ahh , you all are talking about the superpowers, but they use it to help others !!!

We realized that , we were discussing about superpowers and how it can be of use to US, not to help others  !! 

Though this could certainly, appear to be superficial topic and question, but definetly led to a deeper discussion!!!

What are your thoughts? What do you think?
Which one would you choose? What would you want your kids to have?

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vandy said...

lovely post. Hugs to ur lil darling.