Thursday, September 20, 2012

Give a Smile

The morning sun was bright and shinning I was on my morning walk as usual, it has been 2 years now  I have shifted to this  premise, I am neither known to all by name, nor are they to me. I do come across  familiar faces every day ,  but even if I try to smile, few  just pass by not noticing  with their heads down ,and  other few, there is just a blank look on their  faces , with an expression  “ What !!! Do I know you? Am I supposed to laugh back!  Are you expecting me to Smile back at you?

The only thing which is common among all of us was we all have head phones plugged in our ears.
This made me think, in today’s world of technology we do not have ample opportunity to get personal. Life has become so fast paced and everyone seems to be in the rush. We spend long hours working on the computers, playing games on PSP’S or android phones. Even a smallest of the task on the list which we need to get it done, we email it to the colleague, who sits in the cubicle just 3 feet away from us. The long phone calls have reduced to a line on the walls or like buttons on the social networking sites.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. I can not imagine every being without my phone ,my laptop and I am equally guilty of spending large part of my day working on line .There is a never ending list and I can expound on the many benefits that technology has brought into our lives. How ever, as a result of the technology in today’s world, our personal touch with one another is reducing .We humans are becoming strangers, we have started existing and stopped living.

I have experienced myself ( and I am sure , many of you would have too), even if we make a call to talk for a small thing, the instant response would be ,” hey why did you call , you could have just whattss  app me “ or “ just an Sims would have been fine , there was no need to call “. I feel, did I do something terribly wrong by making that call, or talking over the phone is not the in thing now-a-days, what? What is it? Am I losing touch with the fasting moving techno savvy world?

We were taught since our childhood, when a smile comes from a person you should resciprocete with a smile back, it’s a natural inclination and you do that without giving it a thought. Smile has completely taken a back seat. We just have forgotten what smile can do!! (Just try to fiddle with your phone or iPod or whatever gadget you have, when you want to ignore a person or a looks simple!!)

I don’t mean to imply that giving and receiving a smile is the solution to the world’s problems but it is definatley a good way to start. Sometimes a small smile can start a conversation, which can become an enjoyable experience. You might just end up getting a friend, for a lifetime with just that one smileJ. We all need to feel that sense of belonging after all we are all the members of the same human family.

There is a power in the smile; it is as though that instant someone waved a wand and all the drudgery disappeared. You no longer feel frustrated instead you feel warm and the person who offered a smile just turns from a stranger, to be wary kindred spirit

We should feel moved to embrace each other in our hearts and minds. So go ahead and smile you might not get a smile back, but your smile might just make their day!!!!!!

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