Saturday, May 24, 2014

Magic Of Moments !!!!!

How many of us remember “Special Days “of our life? I don’t mean the Birthdays and Anniversaries of our friends and family members, whom we remember, its natural (sometimes struggle to remember them as well!! Not natural!! ).

We create certain moments in our lives, and I define them as simple pleasures of life which we often lose sight of in the daily mundane life. We all have them, some have a lot of them some have a handful.

But they exist.

Each one of us have created that magic in our life, with ourselves or with others around us and created moments which I define as “Magical moments “!!!

I remember not much about my childhood and at that point in life I am sure, I did not even know what the word magic meant, unless I saw a magician doing tricks in a magic show.

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

My first crush in the high school , the moment I saw him near the locker room ,or just hanging around with his friends near the canteen ,to avoid the eye contact yet try to have his glimpse ,  would race my  heart beats !!!

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

The first day , I met that  “someone special “ and I knew that something amazing is going to happen and it turns out to be once in a life time of love .

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

Wedding day comes as a day full of joy, peace, love, harmony accompanied with tears. Words are never enough to explain what happens before the event, but at the end of the day, words spoken, tears wiped and smiles have stopped it becomes a memorable day!!!
That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

When I was ready to place my feet on the path, the journey of crazy life, being aware that it was not going to be a joyride but will have its share of pains with pleasures!!!

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

Each morning when my husband says. “I LOVE YOU”!! Makes me feel that my life is worthwhile, the smile that starts from the heart and reaches my face!!

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

The day I realized that I have a new life, taking shape inside me, within me. The essence of being a mother!!

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

The day  my dream came true and I held my son in my arms, touching him , feeling him , the joy of changing nappies , feeding , his first crawl  , his first steps , see him smile , see him grow !!!

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

I cannot forget about those small special days, when I shared a lunch with a friend and talked my heart out, a surprise party which I threw for a colleague, when I laughed over a silly joke, the day I spent with my mom talking about my childhood, long drives, listening to an old melody which was long forgotten. I could go on and on ……!!!

That’s MAGIC for me!!!  

It’s like a personal library, a book which has lots of sweet woven stories of its own.  They are magical moments!!!

There are so many wonderful moments of magic that we create daily, it’s we who have to choose whether to notice them or not and when we decide to notice them life’s magic

Just by thinking about all those magical moments and bringing all the good feeling within me.

I just created one more magical moment, now!!!

That’s MAGIC for me!!!   

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Monday, May 19, 2014

My "DIDDA "- My Role Model

Our parents play an important role in making us what we are today…..we always tend to fall back on our mothers, they have always been the forefront of the families, the iron lady as she is been called most of the times. She is the icon of love, warmth, caring and nurturing.

But  we tend to forget our fathers,  they have been there as well for us as bread runners  of the house , the person who makes sure we get the best in life in which ever best way they can offer  , the friend in times of trouble and the savior when the mother wears the apron of “ typical moms “.

He is the platform of our homes.

In the story of my life , the man who has been responsible for shaping my life till now and who for who I am today , happens to be my  father  the “Man of Steel “.

 My “Didda “.

He use to always work in shifts, and there were  times when he did not have enough  sleep before he left to go to work because he was busy spending time with us , listening to us , playing with us , talking to my mother . He had a rare calmness about him. I have never heard him raise his voice nor lose his temper.

He taught me the first lesson of my life in my childhood, and which remains with me till today, is the meaning of respect. He used to say “treat others with respect if you want to be treated the same way “and it remains the vanguard of my life.

He always tried to show me the difference between sufferings and complaining, which made me learn to be grateful in life to others and to God in my prayers.

Though I was cheerful and confident, I had my share of tears in life. In school days to acerbic friendships, he has witnessed the tears and would tell me always “would you want someone else to control how u feel “? He was the one who taught me to believe in my worth and believe in myself and no one can take that away from me.

My father’s confidence which fed my spirit, it gave me courage to peruse my goals. He used to say anything is achievable if you put your heart and soul , work hard enough and focus on nothing but the end result, the ability to start from nothing at all , but with hard work end up with a lot more .

He inculcated the faith in me and fighting spirit which makes me gets up each time I tousled to my feet or every time when I am brow bitten by the insalubrious situations.

It has been 19 years now, since my “Didda “is watching me from heaven.

But the, memories and his teaching plays an important part till date.

I miss that feeling of security that having a father allows you, whatever age you reach in life... I so envy it for those who have it and I still do that!!!

I miss all the goodness about my dad, his simplicity, his sense of humor, fighting spirits, laughter, joy, and hard work ethics and doing best with what he had in his life. Some shade of protectiveness is gone with his loss. It was hard to pick up the pieces of the shattered heart and it took years to get to the point where I felt stable footing again.

The things my father taught me may not be the absolute or a just right list, but I wonder how many fathers really have thought about things they want their children to learn and remember all their life?

I wonder sometimes, that will my son ever remember anything from his childhood. Most important the things that he is learning from his father now?

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Institution !!!!

Why is it when we were younger we thought we knew everything, yet the older we get the more we realise we don’t know what we thought we knew? Thank God, he gave us all " Mom" who taught us things in simple and quite ways.

 Along the life’s challenges, she took one big life lesson with her, the more you do things for yourself, the better. Since then, she taught us to be self reliant and self sufficient.

Always supportive, she clapped loudest at my school plays; held box of tissues while listening to my heartbreaks, confronted and encouraged me when it was needed.It was this advice that allowed me to make some of the life’s most challenging decisions as an adult.

She always told me “No one is perfect, baby that’s why pencils have erasers “.
She gave me priceless treasures, taught me love  and compassion are values that life’s all about, She taught me the value of guilt and conscious, struggles make us who we are and give us strength to be stronger.One of the most important things she taught me is “There is only one life for each one of us, OUR OWN “… and live it to the fullest!!!!!

She remains the most loving and giving woman I have ever come across and I am honoured to have her as my mother, my siblings and I are blessed, in the way she shaped our lives.
People often ask me how I stay so calm or how I maintain an optimistic outlook and my reply is “it’s all in the genes" !!!

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