Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Best Friends Day - Ode To A Friend,

We all have a huge list of friends, but today is the day for that one special friend who has always been there for us, life just wouldn't be the same without them. 

Lot of friends I have had,
Few stayed and few fled,

We met as strangers, in the journey of life,
Thinking each other, we would never like.

Through thick and thin, worse of me,
You were there besides me.

The relation is rare, but is true,
It’s because we care, we made it through.

You taught me the meaning of a friend,
You were the one holding my hand.

You made me laugh, when I wanted to cry,
Giving wings to my dreams and make me fly.

It was easy together to fight life’s fears,
Embarrass the failure, and wipe the tears.

As the years trundled by, our paths certainly spilt,
I can never refute, but proud to admit.

God sent an angel, as a friend,
Always to belong, till the end.

Friend like you makes the world a better place,
An extraordinary gift, someone I could never replace.

Miles have definitely kept us apart,
We are always there in each other’s heart.

Those moments spent with you I cherish,
To meet you soon is the only wish.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Husband's New Found Love 🐓🐓

Being born in a typical Parsi family, every other day the meal consisted of dhanshak, chicken farcha, sali ghosh and the list just goes on.
Marrying a vegetarian Brahmin ! Yeah sounds a bit difficult isn't it ? But It was smooth transition !!!

He is a vegetarian by birth but yes eats eggs ....
And we parsis add egg to every possible dish.To get us to eat vegetables is necessary to break an egg on it . We have "bhida per eedu" ( eggs over ladyfingers ), "papeta per eedu" ( eggs over potatoes ), tameta per eedu ( eggs over tomatoes ) and if you all are wondering what " eedu " means means the "egg" in our typical Parsi style Gujarati.

With great determination and pride, I bid goodbye to non vegetarian food.Not because of any other reason, "it was a personal choice" reason obvious I use to feel lazy to cook for me alone.

My husband has been asking me and a lot of other people , to convince him with one good reason that he should try eating " chicken " . And all of us have been telling him just one thing "It Tastes Nice".

Our house has been a battlefield where he would say how cruel we were to kill animals and eat them too !!!  And in defense I would say, oh so what veggies kill Mosquitos, those rats found in the house not to forget those " lizards " crawling on the walls too!! How cruel is that ?

Ok so after living in an animal free existence for many years, "chicken" made an entry again in our lives when my son grew a little older and his taste buds nodded a yes to eating a chicken .

Now , with the 2:1 ratio in the house for chicken ! My husband finally decided to take that tiny little step of eating "chicken" yet with the true soul of a vegetarian !! 

A few months back , he had a camping night with his friends, with a lot of internal debating between the mind and the soul as to eat or not to eat, I believe the mind won and " try it man " voice took over the soul .

It was difficult to manage the first bite, but than its mouth watering taste was irresistible and he took on more .
( it tastes nice ! Proves right isn't it )

Since that day any Indian restaurant's  we have visited, we have reshmi kababs and in an Lebanese restaurant we have 

And a lot more " chicken dishes " are awaiting their trial.

Well what can I ask for ? Or what can I say ? But .........

My husband's new found love 


Friday, April 17, 2015

Munch Crunch and Slurp

Do you love food ? Do you think food ? Do you love cooking food ? I mean loving food is like loving any other thing in life .

And so you have to treat food with all the trust , respect and dignity and enjoy every bit of it ! Making it as well as eating it !!!

I am sure you all will agree with it ! 

So if you are looking for mouth watering recipes , no better place than to visit my friends Facebook page !! And try those yummiest recipes ! Don't forget to hit the like button 😄

The link is below 

Plate the food !! Close your eyes ! Take that one big breath !! Begin to eat ! Chew each bite ! Taste all the flavors !! And say I LOVE FOOD 

Angels Walk Among Us !!!

Do you believe in Angels ? Well, I do !! 

Everyone should believe in Angels!! Everyone needs them , at least one good one !

Today , my soul was lifted by that one Angel. She made me believe that Angels do really walk among us .

Friends are those precious people that make a second home away from our home . They are our family by choice. I am convinced that I have greatest friends in my life and and they have been there for me always ! 

But , She walked into my life at the most unexpected circumstances. It's difficult to explain sometimes how and why people end up together . They just do !! They come into your life and you know right away that they are meant to be there  " SHE " is one of them . We just know each other for more than a year now , but since the time we have met , she has amazed me with her unconditional support !!

I believe everything happens for a reason. Illness , injury , love , heartbreaks , some foolish and sheer stupidity all of it occurs to test us , test the limit of our soul . And in these testing times , today I had her holding my hand praying together with me for me and my family and telling  me " it shall pass , it's just a phase " !!!!

What a beautiful gift , she has given me !!

Her gentle loving kindness has greatly touched my heart !! She made me believe and experience that ,

" Angels do exist , they walk among us " 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Control Your Anger !!!!

Anger!!  What it is it? It’s not a new term to anyone of us. WE all have known what it is as we all have been angry at some point of time. Anger can be an incapacitating condition which can even be paralyzing. The most petrifying situation arises when you end up taking out your anger on your children. Whenever a child is abused verbally or physically it can leave fatal effects on them.  It is very essential that we keep our self under constant “ANGER CONTROL “.

 It could be that as a child we had angry parents, conceivably, our past is packed filled with unresolved hurt and because of that there could be tremendous anger within us or maybe we aren’t happy at the work place, perhaps you are not getting along with your spouse, there could be relationship issues!! There can be disgruntled goals or any other personal issues.  Identify the problems from the past and even look at the current issues which trigger your anger.

As a parent, there lies a wonderful opportunity to undo the wrong!!!

A child learns what he sees, and that’s what they are most likely to grow into. He/ She thinks that it’s alright! As they have seen us doing and for them “Parents are the role model ".

That definitely doesn’t mean that misbehaviors are to be tolerated, a child hurting himself or others, damaging property, of course will need a quick and firm response from us. We need to continually remind ourselves that small stuff isn’t worth getting worked up on. And we also should remember that we are the ones in control of anger and the anger should not control us.

Best way to handle is take a time out, walk away , or do whatever you have to when you thing anger is coming on to you Strong.

It’s important to pick our battles when parenting.

Control your Anger, Don't let it Control You!