Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Husband's New Found Love 🐓🐓

Being born in a typical Parsi family, every other day the meal consisted of dhanshak, chicken farcha, sali ghosh and the list just goes on.
Marrying a vegetarian Brahmin ! Yeah sounds a bit difficult isn't it ? But It was smooth transition !!!

He is a vegetarian by birth but yes eats eggs ....
And we parsis add egg to every possible dish.To get us to eat vegetables is necessary to break an egg on it . We have "bhida per eedu" ( eggs over ladyfingers ), "papeta per eedu" ( eggs over potatoes ), tameta per eedu ( eggs over tomatoes ) and if you all are wondering what " eedu " means ...it means the "egg" in our typical Parsi style Gujarati.

With great determination and pride, I bid goodbye to non vegetarian food.Not because of any other reason, "it was a personal choice" reason obvious I use to feel lazy to cook for me alone.

My husband has been asking me and a lot of other people , to convince him with one good reason that he should try eating " chicken " . And all of us have been telling him just one thing "It Tastes Nice".

Our house has been a battlefield where he would say how cruel we were to kill animals and eat them too !!!  And in defense I would say, oh so what veggies kill Mosquitos, those rats found in the house not to forget those " lizards " crawling on the walls too!! How cruel is that ?

Ok so after living in an animal free existence for many years, "chicken" made an entry again in our lives when my son grew a little older and his taste buds nodded a yes to eating a chicken .

Now , with the 2:1 ratio in the house for chicken ! My husband finally decided to take that tiny little step of eating "chicken" yet with the true soul of a vegetarian !! 

A few months back , he had a camping night with his friends, with a lot of internal debating between the mind and the soul as to eat or not to eat, I believe the mind won and " try it man " voice took over the soul .

It was difficult to manage the first bite, but than its mouth watering taste was irresistible and he took on more .
( it tastes nice ! Proves right isn't it )

Since that day any Indian restaurant's  we have visited, we have reshmi kababs and in an Lebanese restaurant we have 

And a lot more " chicken dishes " are awaiting their trial.

Well what can I ask for ? Or what can I say ? But .........

My husband's new found love 


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Unknown said...

Wow, a long journey from the day u married to HIS first bite of chicken..
It's almost 2yrs since you wrote this, I hope, SPICY , TANGY AND JUICY "Chicken" 🐓 is still on the family's menu..