Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Best Friends Day - Ode To A Friend,

We all have a huge list of friends, but today is the day for that one special friend who has always been there for us, life just wouldn't be the same without them. 

Lot of friends I have had,
Few stayed and few fled,

We met as strangers, in the journey of life,
Thinking each other, we would never like.

Through thick and thin, worse of me,
You were there besides me.

The relation is rare, but is true,
It’s because we care, we made it through.

You taught me the meaning of a friend,
You were the one holding my hand.

You made me laugh, when I wanted to cry,
Giving wings to my dreams and make me fly.

It was easy together to fight life’s fears,
Embarrass the failure, and wipe the tears.

As the years trundled by, our paths certainly spilt,
I can never refute, but proud to admit.

God sent an angel, as a friend,
Always to belong, till the end.

Friend like you makes the world a better place,
An extraordinary gift, someone I could never replace.

Miles have definitely kept us apart,
We are always there in each other’s heart.

Those moments spent with you I cherish,
To meet you soon is the only wish.

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