Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Control Your Anger !!!!

Anger!!  What it is it? It’s not a new term to anyone of us. WE all have known what it is as we all have been angry at some point of time. Anger can be an incapacitating condition which can even be paralyzing. The most petrifying situation arises when you end up taking out your anger on your children. Whenever a child is abused verbally or physically it can leave fatal effects on them.  It is very essential that we keep our self under constant “ANGER CONTROL “.

 It could be that as a child we had angry parents, conceivably, our past is packed filled with unresolved hurt and because of that there could be tremendous anger within us or maybe we aren’t happy at the work place, perhaps you are not getting along with your spouse, there could be relationship issues!! There can be disgruntled goals or any other personal issues.  Identify the problems from the past and even look at the current issues which trigger your anger.

As a parent, there lies a wonderful opportunity to undo the wrong!!!

A child learns what he sees, and that’s what they are most likely to grow into. He/ She thinks that it’s alright! As they have seen us doing and for them “Parents are the role model ".

That definitely doesn’t mean that misbehaviors are to be tolerated, a child hurting himself or others, damaging property, of course will need a quick and firm response from us. We need to continually remind ourselves that small stuff isn’t worth getting worked up on. And we also should remember that we are the ones in control of anger and the anger should not control us.

Best way to handle is take a time out, walk away , or do whatever you have to when you thing anger is coming on to you Strong.

It’s important to pick our battles when parenting.

Control your Anger, Don't let it Control You!

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