Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Year Wiser !!!!!!

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago and I’m glad that times have changed those old beliefs, when celebrations were mainly to ward off evil spirits, which got attracted to people on their birthdays and to protect them, friends and family visited the birthday person, so to bring him best wishes and good.  To me there is nothing more fun than Happy Birthday greetings among friends and family who care… 

Birthdays are strange things, when we are young we can’t wait for them. And when we are older, we pretend they don’t happen J.

I remember when I couldn't  wait to reach 10 (guess the double digit excitement !!), and then 13 ( yes the pleasure of reaching the teens !!), 18  so that I could drive with a license ,( though was riding my sisters two wheeler well before illegal of course !!!!) and then when I reached 21 I was happy that I had the right to vote ( show off the rest that black dot on the finger which marked that you are an adult with a right to vote !!).

As we get older, our birthdays seem to lose their sheen I know many people who prefer to ignore their birthdays. Why do they do that?? !!

I believe that it’s a dishonor to ignore the opportunity to reflect upon the years which have gone by, birthdays are the cherished reminders. It’s less about gifts but more about sitting with loved ones and navigating through all the milestones which you could achieve and also reflect upon those bumpy and bouncy years, when you struggled. And I am sure there would be plenty to talk as well as laugh about.

We have to be real, it’s a birthday and how much one tries to ignore every single person wants it to be celebrated.  

Life is too short, and time is moving faster. And with each passing year, try to change the landscape of life for you and for the ones who matter to you as well.  Birth is the beginning of life ,  so on each birthday ( think of it as a significant occasion !!!), be thankful for coming into this world and accomplishing what all you could and what all you have in your life.

So, now when it’s your birthday, gather family and friends and celebrate. Celebrate the fact that you have lived and learned one more year!!!!  That‘s what I do on my birthday’s!!!

After all on each birthday you don’t become older, you become wiser!!!!

What more can one ask of a birthday!!!!

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