Monday, July 28, 2014

Those " Black " Wishful Things !!!!!

If someone would ask me what is that one word which comes to my mind with the color “Black “ I would say “ Darkness “ !!!

And still I love the color “BLACK”!!! Why not? Everyone in the world have that one color which they love or like pink blue red green. I like black what’s wrong in that???

 I agree it denotes, negativity, grief, fear but it also considered the most formal and prestigious color (haven’t you seen the award functions, most of the celebs are dressed in black J ), it carries elegance and is considered mysterious color as well!!

And I like to be elegant and mysterious!!!!   “BLACK “is the color for me!!

I have few of my proud possessions which are BLACK, but yet there are few on the list which I would like to have in my life.

My Original Black Hair


Yes I had thick, straight and my best physical feature my black hair!! They are almost replaced! With age we all, start having grey hair or the obvious that happens is that we lose hair! for me both have joined hands , my hair have almost turned grey and the few which are left are leaving my scalp !!

With all the new techniques, of hair grafting and hair transplant it’s not difficult to get this wish fulfilled provided, they are going to remain black forever!!! Which is a bit doubtful? How much I dye it or color it, one day they all are going say adios and I will be left with only grey.

Can't it just stay black till I die!!!!

A Black Maserati MC12

It’s very close to the Ferrari supers cars, yeah not for the entire family ride, but this two seater sports car is on my wish list.

Ok I agree, it’s a totally an impractical, fantastically rubbish and overpowered by urge to show off, I believe. The look on face of people , When , I am awaiting at the traffic signal , how they  would ogle at the car , in the parking people would ask me “ is that actually  a  Maserati “ and I would reply “ yeah isn’t it a beauty “  ( I wonder if I would  even take it out  to on the roads , may be a cyclist or an auto-rickshaw would just scratch it and they wouldn’t even say sorry !!!) .

Driving it in the mornings and passing all the other striking cars!! Show off at its high, I tell you!!

A Black Horse

For me horse was always linked with cowboys or with horse race owners, but today times have changed and they are kept as companion animals for pleasure rather for work or business only. A graceful, glorious and handsome creature it is, but with a bit of wildness and that’s what attracts me the most!!

 I want to feel to be in control, or may be sometimes out of control, I want to feel the sense of freedom galloping through the hills and mountains, and as people say it’s a wild feeling!!

I wonder how would be the feeling, when I would ride in the wilderness!!!

A Black Diamond Ring

Women and jewellery go hand in hand, they can’t be separated, and I am no different!! I love to wear “Rings “!  They are the most beautiful piece of jewellery, and if it’s a diamond ring it stands for the highest standards!! It’s something that can lift up your outfit!! Isn’t it? 

I have a pearl, silver, gold, even diamond rings in different designs!! (Not to forget my artificial jeweler rings as well from plastic to metal)...

But what’s missing in the collection is unexpected, mysterious and most precious black diamond ring!! (And if my husband is reading this, gifting meaningful jewellary is an ultimate gesture!!) I wish to slip that beautiful piece of jewellary on my finger!!

 A Black Rose

Rose is the most popular flower in the world and the most beautiful in all its colors. God and mankind have not been able to produce “black rose “as yet!! And I have heard it in the vampire movies or in fiction books. It has always intrigued me, having a black rose because it is a different, unique and to some extent fun thing.

I would love to have for its uniqueness. 

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