Monday, December 2, 2013

Lost & Found

At the end of the day, as I sit in front of my television set, hop to my favorite music channel and start reading my book from where I had left. 

Ok that’s, my normal routine at night, once I put my son to be bed. I call it as “Me  Time "…..

I had just finished reading a page and my eyes moved from the book to the television set , my uncles favorite song was being played ,” Yeh Zindagi Usiki Hai , Jo kisi ka ho gaya “ …. .  It has been 7 years, my uncle passed away, but whenever I hear this song, it brings smile on my face ….

I started listening to music, because of him ,he use to have a Murphy Radio , with him and me as a child use to be either in his lap, or playing around listening to songs and this was the first one which he had taught me to sing …..

The song reminded me of collection of all my uncles’ favorite songs, was with me in a CD …!!! I remember sitting with him for hours and compiling the whole bunch of songs.

Where was it? I remember I had taken it as token of his memory? Where did I keep it? I suddenly had that urge to find the CD, in the middle of a night.

It was not there in my cd rack, cd covers; none of the drawers had it either!!!!

“No I could not have thrown it by mistake also”!!!  How can I miss his writing on the CD!!!

God!!! What an IDIOT I have been!! “I cursed myself. How can I misplace it???

I switched of the television, walked to my son’s room just to check on him before I retired for the day.  I was about; to close his room door and I had that voice from within, as if someone telling me to check my son’s drawers. I did exactly what my mind and heart told me to do. And there in one of the covers, it was shining brightly, written with a black marker on it “MY FAVORITES “!!!!!

Going down the memory lane is not my every day routine, it’s not something which we do every day, but I am sure, there are some days when we do think about our old times…

I guess, today was that day for me …..

I grabbed the CD, rushed to the room, slid it into my player and pressed the “play" button. while listening to the songs, tears rolled down  my eyes, with the thought , that though my uncle  has passed on to the other world , what remains with me is the fragrance of his perfume and hair cream which made a fantastic combo , coupled with the smell of cigarette smoke to his clothes. Which I will never forget!!!!!

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