Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Call

It was suppose to be a lazy day, the day she would love to be in bed till 10 a.m. the day where she does not have to take shower on time, the day when she can enjoy a steaming cup of tea with leisure and not worry about those extra minutes of getting late, of course it was a Sunday. She should be at home ….

But it was different today!!!

She was driving on almost deserted roads, to the office for an uncalled meeting, the meeting which was not scheduled at all, and the one she was not prepared for!!

Ok!! There they were all sitting in the board room, on a Sunday afternoon discussing “important “issue on hand!!!  She had expected the meeting to continue till late afternoon, but it got stretched till late evening!!!

On her way back , she was wondering  what all can be done in the balance few hours of the day left, heart said a lot of things but the stressed mind and exhausted body demanded a relaxing “ shower” !!!
She decided to listen to the mind!!!!

She was entering the parking of her house; it would be around 6.30 p.m.  She received a call from her aunt who stays just a few lanes away. It was a ritual for her to call me on a Sunday, and at the same time. No specific reason for that, it was habit she had cultivated once her husband passed away. They check on how they have  been, they would talk about family issues , do a lot of gossiping and discuss their  plans for the coming week, so on so forth ……

To be honest she loved the fact that come what may aunt would never miss that call!!!

Anyways , she picked her phone and without any exchange of  “ hi’s” or “ hellos “ said “ MASI , I will call you in  a bit , I am just getting inside the house !! And  she hung up...

What she wanted, at that moment was a relaxing shower and nothing else after an “Eventful Sunday “.

When she came out of the shower, made herself a steaming cup of tea, and picked her phone … 

As soon as she unlocked it!!!

38 miss calls in 10 mins, she wondered what was going on !!!!!

She dialed her number... it was ringing …

She dialed again... no response

On her third attempt, the phone was answered, but it was not her aunt on the other side. It was some unknown voice, some unknown person. He was the supermarket guy, from where her aunt purchased the weekly stuff.

He informed that her aunt had collapsed in the shop with a cardiac arrest.

We called you many times, as your number was last dialed from her mobile!!! he said

Yes, I was taking bath!!.. she replied

She noted the details of the hospital, on her way to the main door of the house grabbing the car keys!!!!

On her way to the hospital her mind was full of thoughts...

She recollected that she had not even tried to listen or ask anything when her aunt had called. May be she had called for help. How dumb she had been, on being so irresponsible!!! Hope she is ok? Hope nothing happens to her!!!! Wish had listened to what her aunt had to say!!!

She parked the car, and rushed to the I.C.U, where she found the grocery man waiting, she could not thank him enough for the act of his kindness.  The doctors informed that her aunt was better and responsive, yet they have to keep her under observation for 48 hours.

She looked up and thanked the almighty, who had today in the form of the grocery guy had been there for her aunt.

She has always been termed as a phone flake, she would leave it in the purse, forget it in the car, put it somewhere and then search the whole house, forget to remove from the silent mode.

But after, the incident today she took learning, she would never hang up without even listening what the person on the other side has to say!!!!

She would pick all the calls, at all the times, at all the place, how important or how useless it can turn out to be does not matter. What matters is the “Call “!!!!

By the way, who was that “she “?

That “SHE “was “ME “!!!!!!

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kalpana solsi said...

Please remove the word verification.

Nice story with a good message. Congrats on the WOW badge.

Shazneen said...

Thanks Kalpana for liking what I have penned !