Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life Is Like A Bike

“All right I am trying; just that nothing seems to fall in place “Shreyas slammed the door behind him.

“Let’s go Aakash “he said to Aakash who was waiting for him outside his house to go for the tuition classes.

“What happened? “ Aakash asked. “Nothing yaar “said Shreyas.

“I am just fed up with my ***e…………

 Aakash while fiddling with his bag, searching for something said, “Oh don’t worry dude, everything will be ok it’s just the matter of time.”

“Yes!! I know , it has so many colors but for me  I don’t know  it’s always grey and black .. Shreyas replied.

Dude Shreyas!!! For me it’s black and white.

“Seriously yaar Aakash, you know I really want to climb the most challenging hill, I want to reach the top and keep moving so that the next hill, which comes in the form of a challenge in front of me is much easier” said Shreyas.

Aakash , kept his hand around Shreyas and replied, “ I agree buddy , just keep the momentum going , don’t slow down , just take advantage of the road and keep moving , you can handle it I am sure “.

I just don’t have the courage! Replied Shreyas in utter dismay …

You have all that confidence, it’s your strength. Don’t worry about falling, Shreyas!  Just pay attention, observe things around you and paddle on!! Aakash replied in the most philosophical way!!!

“Everything is very chaotic, yaar Aakash.  I know, all are moving, everyone have their destinations. But the road I take is often full of obstacles. Gruuhhhh… said Shreyas.

Aakash was getting a little perturbed, he said “hey!! Hey!! Dude there is no point dwelling on the negatives. It’s only going to spoil the ride "

It’s just best you ride the Bike ……..

BIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEE…. Shreyas shouted. His legs were almost glued to the road….

“What bike, whose bike, what are you talking about Aakash???  Shreyas said in a grumpy voice.

“Your bike, who else’s I am talking about  " You are fed up with your bike ……….Aakash replied

What yaar Aakash, I said, I am fed up with my life; you heard my bike…..

God and all this while you have been giving me all the talks on a bike, shreyas said laughing.

OMG!!! Laughed Aakash, I honestly was wondering why the hell you are getting so philosophical about a BIKE………

By this time they had reached the tuition classes, both of them entered laughing their heart out.

On their way back home, they were discussing about the rhymed confusion they had 2 hours before, and how true it is .

Life is riding a Bike, in order to keep your balance you have to keeping moving – rightly said by Albert Einstein.

Life is like a journey you love, hate, cry, and laugh but still live it!!! Isn’t it!!!

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KParthasarathi said...

Very nice.The confusion was apt.Life and bike are similar;one must keep going lest one falls.Congrats on being in the WOW list