Saturday, September 13, 2014

Out Of The Blue !!!!!

“Sorry sir! But in that case you are short of few Omani Rials “, said the cashier,

Oh!!! God I neither have dollars nor dirham’s to adjust the balance!! Said the man standing ahead of me at the cash counter!

 I had already started putting the items on the counter by then; this is going to take a while now!!!  I was sure.

Is there a money exchange counter? Man asked.”Yes sir!!! It’s to the right, next to the Costa coffee shop “cashier replied.

Not realizing, he hasn’t moved ahead I just pushed the trolley hitting his leg .He almost tripped. He turned. I am so sorry, “it wasn’t intentional! Before even I could finish “……..“Shanu “!!!  The handsome, broad shouldered burly looking man in front of me said.

“B.B”!!!!!  I exclaimed back already quite certain that it was him! Is that you? what a strange meeting ? I asked.“Yes indeed!!”  He replied.

Suddenly I looked; at the cashier he was silently but yet anxiously waiting when would our pleasant surprise end!! I will pay the balance for the gentleman !  I told the cashier.I made the payment for him and cleared my billing,

We started walking towards the exchange shop , “ How did you recognize me ?  Don’t tell me I haven’t changed beyond possibility of recognition since college?” I asked.

“Oh! Most definitely you have!!  Thanks to the technology, I am on Facebook. Though I am hardly ever there, and truly there is no change in your face what you have today then you use to have it in those days!!! “He assured with a smile.

My meeting finished early so thought to take a stroll in the mall “he said.

We started walking together, we have loads to catch up I said, “Why don’t you come home for dinner, my family would be very happy to meet you?” I offered .

 “I wish I could but have a flight in 3 hours to Dubai “he said “coffee shop is here, would you mind if we have a cup of coffee and I have to return you the money as well?  “Money please don’t bother “ I said  and  “ yes  “ coffee on me !! after all you are in my town !! I smiled .

He also did not persue it further. He did his money exchange and we proceeded towards the coffee shop. We told each other the abbreviated stories of our lives. We reminisced some of the good old days, some episodes of our lives we both did not recall at all and some of those we wished we did not live it at all. The days of youth, the days of freedom and those challenges to strive in life and achieve something.

That’s 30 minutes of coffee time, took me in the yester years. The friends whom I miss and do not get the chance to be with often and the life which was less of responsibility, fuss and more carefree.

Memories, either confirms or refutes is own very existence!!

 We both were aware, we might not meet again ever, or may be at least for years as neither was he going to come to Muscat again nor was I going to go to Delhi. Where he lived now.

As we were about to part ways and give each other that awkward hug, I asked “so how was it, so far “!!

He understood me, “Life “you mean he replied.  “Yes “what else I chuckled!!

Good!!!  Better!!! Can’t complain!!! He said and how about u?  “Interesting!! Very interesting “ I replied!!!

We hugged each other, bid good bye and then remembered. We didn’t exchange our numbers till now, yes we were aware we aren’t going to meet again but we can keep in touch through phone!!!!  We did what was not done!!!  Numbers Saved!!! Good bye’s said!!

He walked away towards the main entrance of the mall!!  To grab a taxi to head to the airport!!!

While I pushed the trolley towards the escalator feeling nostalgic! Sometimes, something remarkable takes you off guard a surprises you. The most unexpected mostly brings a smile on your face and its worth celebrating.

Today was one such day I celebrated the most unexpected!!!!

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sujata Tawde said...

Hi, Shaznin
Your narration style is so picturesque , I felt like I was there with u all the while.

Shazneen said...

Hey sujata
Thank you so much