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Duplicity – Chapter 6

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 “Roohi, you are a rock star!!! You managed to finish 6 fraction problems in 15 mins!! Bravo girl “Cyrus saying that gave her a hi five.

“All credit to you Cyrus Uncle “Roohi said. “ She is right Cyrus you have taken the burden of my shoulder by helping Roohi in her studies, especially mathematics “Shekhar endorsed what Roohi had said.

Roohi had been an “A “Grade student but since Cyrus moved in with them, she had shown tremendous improvement in Mathematics.

“Roohi, you should be doing your studies on your own now. Without anyone’s help “Tara said keeping her purse on the dining table and sitting on the empty chair next to Roohi. “And if you have problems, then papa and I are there for you correct?” Tara finished her statement. Ignoring the presence of Cyrus totally in the room.

“And Cyrus Uncle Roohi added.  Tara behaved she hadn’t heard what Roohi had just said and started flipping the pages of her books. Cyrus got up and made his way to the Kitchen to see if he could help Shekhar.

Tara and Cyrus were not able to meet eye to eye, since Cyrus had returned from Delhi last month .He had practically taken all his belongings and to Tara’s surprise had returned in 4 days with just a single Backpack.

Everyone was awkwardly silent on the dinner table. “Voila Madam Tara, You should try this special desert on the menu today”. Shekhar tried to break the silence. “It’s one of the iconic desserts Parsi’s are known for “.he said and all credits to none other than Chef Cyrus.

What is it called Cyrus?  Yeah “Lagan nu custard” right? Shekhar got that right he was sure.

Cyrus lifted his head, while eating and said, “Yes Shekhar Bhaiya, but when this is made at the Parsi weddings its more rich, with almonds, pistachios and stuff “.Cyrus replied.

“I am too stuffed today to try anything more, may be tomorrow Tara said in a cold voice and got up to wash her hands.

In the morning, as Tara reached the dining table with the tea cup in her hand, she saw a note under the flower vase placed on the table which read:

“Shekhar Bhaiya / Bhabhi, some urgent work has come up and I have to leave for Delhi by the morning flight! Didn’t want to disturb your sleep hence leaving a note!!  Regards Cyrus.

She kept staring at the note for a while and then she crumbled it and threw into on the ground.


 Crew announced to fasten the seat belts, Cyrus opened his eyes stretched his legs and followed the instructions. The flight was about land, he looked outside the window, still feeling a bit somnolent. The choking winter fog had blanketed the Indian capital New Delhi.

His diagnosis was quite simple, the Delhi winters have arrived!

The aircraft touched down, Cyrus looked at his watch, in spite the fog the captain had managed to land on time. As usual ignoring the cabin crews request to remain seated, till the seat belt sign was on and aircraft came to a complete halt passengers were already removing the hand baggage from the overhead lockers. Cyrus was in no hurry to deplane early or play the game of push and squeeze, so he waited for queue to clear. Thanked the crew and walked down the aerobridge.

He could already notice his bag revolving on the conveyer belt when he reached the baggage claim; he picked it up and walked towards the exit.

The morning zephyr took its first gash on his bristled cheek!!.

“Taxi “he called out. “ Rajouri  Garden " he told the cab driver.

The driver carefully kept the car centered over the white dotted line, and Cyrus marveled at his calm while the other frantic drivers jolted to the left and right.

“Are you visiting Delhi, sir? The driver asked “No, I stay here “Cyrus responded.

Cyrus realized he had not yet switched on his mobile, he removed it from his shirt pocket and switched it on, just to find out he has 5 missed calls from Shailesh.

He tapped the touch screen, and redialed the missed called number!!

“Hello! Where are you? I am trying to get in touch since long? Thought your flight might be delayed? Asked Shailesh.

“No, landed on time! I just switched on the cell!  I have stuffed the house with the basic necessities; I know you will need your “COFFEE “first thing! Shailesh told Cyrus!!

“Yes thanks! I will talk to you later Shailesh “and Cyrus hung up.

He wanted to keep the conversations limited, and wanted the phone to be free as if expecting some urgent call or a message which he did not want to miss.

The taxi driver stopped in front of a huge building offloaded the luggage from the boot .Cyrus paid the taxi guy and pulled his trolley baggage towards the elevator.

He opened the door, of his apartment on 15th floor, picked all the leaflets and home delivery menus and tossed them to the table next to the door along with the house keys!

Home finally!! 

The only thing he could think of at that time after quick hot water shower was a hot cup of coffee.

He grabbed the coffee mug in his hand and picked up the phone.10 missed calls it was not from Shailesh this time but an unknown number displayed on the mobile screen. Cyrus was about to dial the number back!! And the number started to flash again on his screen!!

“Hello “Cyrus said.”  YES !! YES  " !!! I know. I am aware!!  His voice was getting louder.

I had to be in Delhi again, so what "? Cyrus answered.

“I know I have to be in Mumbai, but I had some unfinished work here in Delhi and it needed attention so I had to take this trip “Cyrus replied

“I am working on it; Give me some time “his voice was stern this time.

“IT WILL BE DONE “replied Cyrus and hung up throwing the phone straight on the bed.


Cyrus woke up to a dark room .he emitted a bit and turned on the side. He sighed with anger when he saw the unknown number flashing on the mobile screen, 6:00 p.m. he checked the time on the mobile , he realized he had practically slept for a long time and picked his phone .

“Hello, I am sorry I slept off ".he said in a groggy voice.

“What time should I collect it ? “ Cyrus asked yet drowsy. “Ok! Its fine by me “he said and disconnected.

He made himself a cup of coffee, looked down from the balcony and saw some meticulous health mutants, donned with woolies were taking a walk. Cyrus was disturbed in his thoughts when he suddenly felt a human presence behind him.

His visit to Delhi was quite fruitful, he was able to finish almost everything on his “ to do “ list .He once again checked that if has kept all his belongings in his bag pack and noticed the Big Brown Envelope was left on the bed , he gently picked it up and placed it in the bag.
Cyrus landed a bit late than the expected arrival time in Mumbai, reason obvious as the flight took off late from Delhi due bad weather. 

“Cyrus Uncle “exclaimed Roohi and was about to get up and run towards him!! Tara held her hand and said “Roohi! Finish your dinner first “! Without making any eye contact with Cyrus and continued eating

“Hey, Cyrus!! You are back? How was Delhi? Pretty cold, I saw in the news! Come join us for dinner?  Shekhar said in one breath.

“No! Bhaiya, I am a bit tired will freshen up and sleep!! Thank you though!!

Tara picked up her and Roohi’s plate put them for wash!! Grabbed the bottle of water in one hand and pulled Roohi with the other!!!

Good Night!! Papa!! "Good night Cyrus Uncle “before Roohi could finish, Shekhar and Cyrus could hear was a big bang of the bedroom door being closed.

“I will also call it a day Good Night Cyrus “Shekhar said placing his plate in the sink as well.

Good night Bhaiya replied Cyrus and making his way towards Roohi’s room …….


 “What on the earth was that behavior Tara?!!!   It’s unlike you? Shekhar said trying to keep his calm.

My Behavior?  That’s what you are saying Shekhar? Can’t you see what I am seeing?

There is something terribly wrong!!  He is not what he is trying to project?   Trust me Shekhar!! Tara’s anger was boiling, after all this fits of rage did not come every day.

“Shhhhhh, keep your voice low, Tara! Please!! Shekhar said in requesting tone.

“I don’t care, even if my voice reaches him. Which law student gets to go in and out of cities the way he does? I wonder. I need him out of this place, Shekhar!!  ASAP!!!  Do you understand!! I don’t sense good!! Tara’s voice was louder now!

 Did you not notice,  the last time he went with his entire luggage and returned only with a backpack? This time he left leaving a note for us without mentioning anything a day before on the dining table? Does this all look normal to you? Tara said arguably.

Tara I will see what I can do, I just can’t tell someone to leave!!  And more over what will I tell Shailesh, you know how old our association with him is, Yes I can understand you are not able to trust this man called Cyrus , but  you can at least trust Shailesh , will he ask someone who is not worthy of trust to stay with us “ Shekhar snarled .

“You do what needs to be done and as soon as it can be, Talk to Shailesh if you have to “.  Tara replied in rage.

“Ok!!! There is no end to this argument!!! Shekhar walked out of the room!!

Cyrus was just right there, standing in the kitchen with a bottle of water in his hand overhearing the entire argument Shekhar had with Tara.

“Don’t mind!! Cyrus!! She is just a bit upset!!!  Shekhar tried to cover up.

“That’s Ok with me Bhaiya; I will see how fast I can find another PG accommodation” saying that Cyrus switched on the television.

Shekhar walked out of the house closing the door behind him.


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