Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's All About Faith

We all believe in the almighty. At some point or say most of the time we seek from him or whatever higher power we believe in for the unknown answers or for the answers you desperately need. I am one of them who believe in it (with all my heart and soul).

Today, the problem started when my 7 year old son took a break from his Project Work to have his lunch. He had asked me if he could carry it in his room and work on it while watching a bit of TV (not a good idea at all!!), but I guess even the best of moms have our so called weak moments.

By the time lunch was finished, there was no Project Work to be found. As we do with all the lost items in the house, I suggested him the usual stuff, “Go back over with what all you did! think where was the last place you sat with it to write it down ".
Alright, he spent 5 minutes just looking at me, in another minute there were tears for fear of not turning in the Project Work tomorrow to school! All the tears, droning and sobbing in frustration were followed by another 20 minutes of both of us looking and still no Project Work!!

I am sure a lot of you can relate to this? I bet as a mom we all have probably been there , done that , if it was not the Project work, with child’s shoes,  their homework ,our car keys , the most important papers, our grocery list etc…..

Alright ,  back to the problem, I have been reading a lot on how we should manifest our lives; create our life and following our intuition and all about positive attitudes. Okay, I said to myself!! I guess now it’s time to put all the philosophy to test!!!

I told my son, “Lets pray, Let us kneel down and ask God to help us find your Project Work “. His instant reaction was of course a giggle, ( as if to say what !!! ) , but somewhere he knew he dare not say it loud , what came instead was , “ yeah right mom !!!

So we straight headed to the prayer room, knelt down and I lead him a short prayer. Although small, but it was full of gratitude and it did carry a request for an immediate help to find the Project Work.

As soon as we had finished, I stood up. I told him to just sit and relax and take deep breath. (Not to mention I did the same as well).I straight headed to the kitchen with a thought maybe he wanted to grab juice along with lunch (of course, when the lunch is something not of choice you need the water being replaced with juice) and brought the Project Work out there. I started to walk to refrigerator (who knows he might have left it inside), but before I got that far, I glanced over to the counter, and there sat his Project Work, on top of the microwave.

I picked it up and went straight to his room, he wasn't even through relaxing (as I had told him to do) and I had his Project Work.

It’s needless to mention, that my son had a hard time believing that I hadn't known or noticed it was there all along, though he had heard my torment and frustration minutes earlier with him misplacing it.

The question here is was it just a coincidence? Or did I just get lucky? I believe that god just did what I asked him. it was only my hunch that led me to the kitchen with the thought  about may he wanted to grab a little juice , the fact that he might have kept his Project Work somewhere there while getting a  glass of juice.
It was no one else, but god who had planted those thoughts into my mind, why?  It’s because we had asked for help. We had asked him to do something for us, and when he answers so quickly, it is really next to impossible not to believe and have faith isn't it?

How I wish it was only that easy to have the same type of faith if we were to ask him to make us a millionaire in a day , ( I know , an inappropriate prayer however !! ) , but just to believe that he could do that , he could remove all the thought , or doubt in our minds , that we would become millionaire, it might just happen too  ( miracles  you see  !!! ).

It’s like you have to have that faith,   I knew people who use to buy lottery tickets, who can honestly say that when they bought the lottery ticket, it is an absolute winner. We don’t have one single thought that we don’t have the winning numbers.  Actually we can’t, because it’s next to impossible for human mind, knowing all the odds of actually winning, to eradicate all the traces of doubt in that scenario. I feel some of our thoughts are so deep inside, buried deep within our subconscious those we not even aware of them.
But , here in my scenario, it was easy for me to have faith that god would help me find  the Project Work, because I knew somewhere that it hadn't grown feet and walked out of my house !!!

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