Monday, March 4, 2013

Liars Or People Collectors !!!!!

I have met several pleasant and exciting people in all these years, and most of them are the same till now, no change. But I have met quite a few, who are great at the first instance, and once time has moved, and we have managed to develop a friendly relationship amongst each other, they have changed. They no more seem to be the same. They start behaving completely different and do things which they once had made fun off!!!!
I always, thought that maybe I am missing something, or maybe I am thinking it to be otherwise. But when I gave it a more closer look , I realized there are growing number of such people on this , not so perfect world.( or maybe they always existed and I did not notice them at all !!).

Lately, I have come across a lot of them, who seem to be interested in everything you   like or do, just to become your friend. They tend to give you a feeling that, they are exactly the same type as you are and guess in a way gives a feel good factor of feeling in return as well. The amazing thing about the behavior of such people is that, when they meet someone else they do exactly the same thing. Their interests, likes, dislikes, etc match, they are ready to do even things that they have disapproved before (right in front of you!!). They behave in such a different manner, that I wonder and stay dumbstruck.

I agree that one should not stay in the same rut all the time and when needed adapt to the change as well. It’s ok to an extent. Adapting to new changes and changing according to the situation is not wrong, I second it. In today’s fast moving world, it’s a necessity to accustom yourself with the changes as fast as you can to thrive and survive.

What makes me wonder , is these people  I apparently call my friend, do I actually know them ? , if they are only doing and saying things just to make me happy who really are they?  whether or not any of discussion or common interest which I shared with them  or I had in common ( which I wonder now !!! ) are real at all . Are these people some pathological liers, who have never told the truth about anything since a very long time or they actually are aware of whom they are and what are they doing!!!

Or maybe they have actually started believing that everything that they say or do is real!!!!

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