Thursday, March 28, 2013

Festival Of Colors !!!

Holi the festival marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Festival of Colors, the name is derived from Lord Krishna with the pranks he played with the radha as he was jealous of her fair complexion.

 Red , Blue , Purple, which ever color you choose, I  am sure the air was full of laughter and joyful shouts, “BURANA MANO HOLI HAI “ meaning (don’t be offended or bad its Holi).That’s how many parts of India would have celebrated Holi yesterday.

When you are away from you country, what you miss is the festivals and the joy along with it, the joy of being with your friends and family. The mood is so difficult to recreate, but memories are something which are more than enough to bring the smile on the face, with a bit of a tear rolling down the eye.

I Miss - The day ,when I am standing and chatting with my friends, when someone approaches from behind ( I don’t know them  ), I can sense them and before I  can react  or open my mouth to say something , I am drenched with water and my face full of all the colors. I would have reacted with anger if it was some other day, but I laugh instead as its Holi.

I Miss – Roars of laughter, the screams of mirth and the burst of colors!!!

I Miss - The day when all the barriers are turned down and all the rules are bent if not totally broken.

I Miss - The day when the children are pardoned for being mischievous

I Miss - The day when, we keep our differences aside and even walk up to the enemies.

I Miss - The day where the house is full of stained legs and clothes dripping with water,  the house where mom’s are shouting ,” straight for the bath  “ or  “ watch the curtain “.

I Miss - The day when people on the road , (a few who don’t prefer to play ) look around  in anticipation that from where some water balloon or someone would come and throw colors, that ‘ LOOK ‘on their faces.

I Miss - Not being in India. A country, just about every day is a festival.

Holi is one of a kind which stands out for its appealing sense of fun. No wonder, it will remain a unique celebration of high spirits.

What do you miss?

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