Friday, March 15, 2013

Hidden Self !!!

Recently, whenever I open a magazine, a newspaper or I m just walking in a hypermarket, what comes to frequent notice is the ads /posters of the personality development courses. The courses, which promise to help people find their way in this world.

Do we actually need these courses to express our hidden being; I agree that we all do have hidden personalities which we generally do not recognize. These personalities come out when, feelings are expressed, and it is mostly decided on our inner conscious.

Years back, when people talked to themselves, they were generally thought upon to be having some mental ailment, but today the same does not stand true at all. People today have started to understand the importance and the value of self talk. Once considered to be an ailment is now the tool to find answers to the questions and solutions to the problems!!

I have seen, time change. Today people are running to find ways to develop their own self. Gone are the days when people thought that outer beauty, appearance is what made the person, they have come to a point where the realization of the fact that beauty is skin deep, but inner beauty is to the bone.

We as humans have always struggled to abandon bad behaviors or habits or even managing our feelings and emotions is a challenge.  We notice that when a person makes a small lump of money, he thrives to make more. We start to immediately start racking our brains that how can we multiply it and often in doing that we are down and out. Life seems to be nothing that the "MONEY” almighty. Money is important in life and we need it to survive, but that can’t be the only goal in life.

Money has become the soul material for all, yes it for sure is a necessity in life but to believe that it’s the only thing that can bring happiness and love is foolishness. The people who believe it are often in the state of stress, in the race of earning money they forget to realize that the road to happiness, which is love, happiness and peace.

How successful you are in life , or how may failures did you come across is not what will make you or break you ,what makes a person is fighting through the hidden messages which are constantly in our mind to discover our true self.

I agree that we are humans and we all battle emotional responses. there is no way we can escape from the feelings like anger, jealousy , sadness, joy , failures, success, depression so on and so forth, but there is a way we can take control over these emotions. How we express, about how we feel. What we talk and what we share.

Today dependency has crept so deep inside us, that for every small thing we need someone to be around. We are so dependent that we want someone to pick us up when we are down. I believe no one can help us to heal, because no one posses that power. The power lies within us; we can help ourselves and no one else.

Don’t you think that we must learn to depend on ourselves, develop a winning attitude within us and build confidence which we help us break through all the problems. Some of us are fortunate and some are not, it just that we have to endure and learn.

We all live and learn from each other, what matters - how well you live to win the game of life. Remember life is too short, so the healing of hidden self will find its way, just have a positive attitude and the rest will all fall into place.

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