Sunday, March 17, 2013

Live Every Moment.....

A good friend left for the heavenly aboard a few days ago, she was just 40 years old. She died of breast cancer. Although we didn’t meet often as we live in different parts of the world. But we did catch up during her trips to the hometown and there was nothing that could stop us , we use to laugh , have fun , spend  never ending hours at a coffee joint ( obvious drinking coffee , with loads of gossips ) .

To me she was a complete and successful woman in every way. Yes somewhere we all knew that she is going to die, today, tomorrow, someday and we dreaded that moment. Yet, strange it may seem ,there was no sadness, no fear in her eyes and she never ever was uncomfortable talking about the most inevitable “ Her Death “.

Today, when I think about the night when one of our other friend had asked her about life and her dying (I guess there are a few, who really like to catch the wrong nerve sometimes!!) she had no bitterness or dramas in her answer. She told a story which she had read somewhere.

The story about a man who had 2 dogs, and he would chain them in his yard. One of the dogs would just lie around the whole day. Nothing would swirl him from his place. He would have his drinks, eat his food day in and day out and just lay there unmoved. Even when people walked past him , he would  look at them without lifting his head from the corner of his eyes then return back to what he was doing , that was NOTHING .

While the other dog was very different, he was full of energy and anger. He would constantly rattle his chain, fighting against being tied, wanting to get free one way or another. He would not leave a single chance or opportunity just to get the attention of others.

She said that, she will never forget this story, and the way the two dogs chose to deal with the situation they were in. one who had resigned to fate and accepted it and the other who was trying to fight in each and every possible ways he could to change,eventhough the efforts were futile.

She saw the  same with people as well , one lot who always  said  "YES " to life and the others who said  "NO " . She had made the decision that she will always say “ YES " to life, live it to the fullest and making the best of every opportunity.

That night, we kept talking till the dawn, just as we did most of times before. But when I sneaked under my quilt, my friend had become more to me that day; she became my mentor or so to say role –model.
She used to live every day as if it was her last on this earth (easier said than done!!). She wanted to make sure that she had no regrets of not having done something or making the best of her time on this earth or so to say she did not want to leave any unfinished business behind .

Today she is gone but I am sure she is up there watching all those who loved her and are proud the way she lived her life.

I am trying to follow her examples and make the most of what life has to offer me, and living each day as if it is my last.

How are you living your life? Think about it!!!

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