Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Journey To The Pinnacle.......

“A young executive was seriously biting her nails "

She sat in the waiting area with other 5 people all men dressed in their best attires, also waiting to be called in for the interview. She was happy that she had made it to the final round of the interview in a big Multi National Company. Yes she was pretty much surprised when she was told about the good news. It wasn’t that she had done horribly bad, actually she felt almost satisfied with her performance.

It was 11:35 am, she was scheduled to go in at 11 30. Oh! That’s ok the person before me just took a bit of an extra time I guess, she thought. As soon as she lifted her eyes, of her watch, a man emerged from the room calling out “Shaznin Gazdar “. That’s me – she replied. The girl at the reception raised her head, and told her “It’s your turn, you may please go in “.

“A young executive was seriously biting her nails “
She sat on the passenger sit, being driven to work on Monday morning with so many thoughts in her mind. The week had passed on so quickly, with eyebrows plucking, to leg waxing and a choosing the right wardrobe. She was nervous, few more minutes and she would be all by herself. Suddenly, a familiar hand touched her and comforted her, “don’t worry take it to as just another day “- said her dad. She was tearful, but yet happy.
She had arrived 10 mins early to her workplace, some occasional hellos and she was directed to her cubical. The day was just normal as any other day, though it felt like excitement was overshadowed by nerves.
Congratulations, it was her first day at work.

“A young executive was seriously biting her nails "

The stage was all set; it was time for the recognition. It was the night for the best people to award for their extraordinary contributions, hard work.  That night, while she was sitting at her table, she thought all eyes were on her. But she always thought she is never going to win it. It can never happen to her.
The envelope was opened, and it was her name.

Winning the award did not change, much in her life. She realized that the award wasn’t about just her winning, but it was of much more importance for the people around her.
Getting the recognition and success in the career has been a blessing and learning both. The journey to the pinnacle has begun…..

“A young executive was seriously biting her nails "…………….

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