Monday, January 21, 2013

From Perfection - To Discovery !!!!

We all have heard about a lovely word – Discovery!

We all are aware of its meaning – trying to know something – which up to know was unknown.  Last week, I finished reading a book, “The Magic of the Conflict “by Thomas Crum. Since then the whole meaning to this word changed for me, which till then meant the same as it meant to rest of the world.

The word since then has become one of my favorite; it has changed the way I think in the most difficult times. The author of the book has described the word as a magical, which influences a person to move beyond the fight, beyond the success to open the dominion of possibility.

It has made me believe that when we are in the mode of discovery we are spontaneous, fascinated, anxious, and most important appreciative of life in all its diversities. It not only excites your brain, but conjures lost treasures.

We are always in the race of finding things which are of any benefit to us, things which are going to be on any importance to us. But have we tried to ever discover eachother as humans? Ever tried to learn what is new and important in our next door neighbors, our family members, our friends or colleagues.  Tried to discover things and emotions which are lost in the daily rut.

The word which we are more familiar to is the exact opposite of the word Discovery, which is “Perfection “. We all relate to this word immensely. In perfection things have to be always right, we cannot ever go wrong; we have to look good, we have get good grades. At all points in our life, our standards are too high, where failure has no chance to walk in, and is avoided at all times.

We have to prevail in the world, though we have to put our most dear relations at stake, we are taught since we are child, that we have to fight back when attacked. Just manipulate and diminish to survive right up there.

Isn’t it time to shift gears and let go of perfection and turn to discovery mode. Where mistakes are considered as outcomes and conflicts, are opportunities. Where we get chance learn more about the other person, his ideas, and his feelings.

We shift into discovery mode not with judgment but with awareness. Where we are no more scared of failure, but only learn from experiences and awareness.

I am sure we all have experienced moments of discovery at some point in our lives, where we have tried to break through to a new learning and understanding. It’s a powerful place, I would want to revisit, and the challenge is that we have to choose to go there on purpose.

“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work “– Thomas Edison.  The quotation is a classic example of discovery.

Shifting from perfection to discovery is the way of life. Try it. Discover yourself.

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