Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Bad Things Happen Only To Good People ??

Time and again people have struggled with this question and it has largely been on my mind since few months.

One of the best people I know – my Brother Kurush – had a very bad accident few months ago. While coming down the stairs in his house he missed a few and had a great fall. The damage was so severe that his both heels were damaged.

My brother has always been active , enjoyed working and being on his feet all the time , but with the surgery  on both his legs, just as clear it was that things will have to change ( for how long was question we all were not sure about !!! ).

I was distressed when I had heard the news and to be honest am still shaken by it – (when I think about how much worse the accident could have been!!). His wife and notably his daughter (my niece) who were there with him at that time were totally devastated.

For me, as I worked through my worry and grief I kept asking myself: Why Do Bad Things Happen Only  To Good People? I know people often say this when tragedy occurs, but this is not simple words or lip service- my brother is a good man!!!

He is a very strong family guy, married to the women he loves, his daughter who is an apple of his eye. He is a devoted son, loved by his siblings (my sister and me!!) nieces, nephews, cousins. Over the years and till date he continues to open his home and heart whenever family, friends or community required it.

Yes, he is a good person and that did not make life simple for him. God sends us trials to test us, and I don’t deny to it, there must be some truth in it. My brother‘s life has not been easy all this years, he has put in a lot of hard work to reach where he is today in his life. Many of us are stronger and it takes difficult challenges to make that clear. This never applied to my brother, he had many challenges over the course of his life (losing our father, when he was in his 20”s,)  was the biggest as he had my mom and we two sisters to look after now! I think what he has is good hold on his strengths.

It is this, inner strength only, that after such an accident he is back on his feet today. He is greatly loved by many people. Not just his immediate and extended family but by many people whose lives he has touched in all these years.  I know there were prayers on his behalf from all those who knew him as a person, for the kind of man HE is !!

We all grieved with him, during his difficult time, those days when he was restricted on the  bed, the days when we had to use a dreadful wheelchair during the hospital visits. All that is now a frightful and horrifying past, today we all feel proud when we look at the many gifts that God has given him.

Today, when he is back on his feet, what few see is that he limps a bit. (I know he limps a bit, but it’s a phase that would pass soon). What  I  is see is so much more than the simple sum of his parts and in the end it’s the size of his heart that one notices the most.

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