Thursday, November 15, 2012

Festival Of Lights - Home And Away !!!!

Diwali is the festival of lights, one of the biggest festivals in India. It is the time when India is at its best festive mood.  Where not only houses, but the roads and public buildings are festooned with lights just like how people do around Eid and Christmas in the different parts of the world. The traditional way of placing tiny oil lamps on windowsills and on paths leading to the house making the house look bright ,colorful rangoli patterns embellish the entrances to households and mithai’s which are consumed in abundance. It comes as complete package lights, sweets, new cloths and yes!!! Not to forget gifts.

You would agree with me that the real education does not began at any kindergarten , but at home with parents and grandparents who would inculcate the real values and culture in us. I grew up in Ahmedabad with my parents and grandparents. If you have been fortunate enough and privilege enough to spend your life and share you homes with your grandparents, I am sure you would also agree, that they are the ones how introduce us to the meaning of love and traditions of festival.

When I think of my Diwali back home, years back!! . I remember how my grandmother and mother would put rangoli comprising of the different shapes, flowers and leaves imagination was the limit for the designs. The exciting part for me as a kid was nothing but the firecrackers and how eagerly I would wait for the rituals to finish so I could go and burst my share of crackers with my brother and sister.
The celebration this festival of lights has seen big changes, today the rangoli has been replaced by stickers, the prayers are now loaded on smart phones and iPods which were once recited  by us.
Diwali has changed from what we knew it to be, but perhaps we ourselves have changed so much , what has not changed are the love and warmth it carries.

While in India, it’s a welcome break from work and apt time to catch up with friends and family –old and new. So what if the life has got busier and we no longer have time to visit family and friends as we did in past, greeting each other over the mobile and social networking site would not be a bad idea J
I believe that the conventions or traditions should not necessarily stand in the way of growth and modernization, it is also important that we do no rob the original charm that the festival has and the nostalgia attached to it.

For most of us Diwali is about hectic socializing and time spent with family, it’s more than just gaining some extra pounds here and there, rat racing of gifts and losing a bit while gambling. It’s also searching for some answers that make the good and evil within and without us.

For me it has been 9 years, since we are out of India now, and we have been celebrating Diwali with some close friends away from our family and relatives. Things might have changed, but if I was back in India, I would slither back into the mood of festivity for sure and enjoy it like it did before.

Diwali at home, with family, with those who matter to you in life, It’s all about celebrating your bonding with your family and close pals in true sense.

Nevertheless, just thinking about Diwali downpour my being with joy as well as warmth!!  Time cannot erase it!! It will remain with me forever!!!

Happy Diwali to All once again!!!

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