Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fantasy Has Reality !!!

Growing up I was always a fan of bedtime stories with my mother, and when I turn back and see I realize that she really picked up some great ones that made lasting impression on me. But how do these stories and characters, the trials and triumphs effect and inform our humdrum lives?

I believe that the fantasy world, can teach as much about life and the world as the course realism. It helps us to be a better person, allows us to explore injustice, cruelty and appreciate beauty and create a hope.
It plays a part of a marvelous mirror, which allows us to see our lives more clearly.

I am sure, you all will agree that in our real lives, we do not fight with evil with glowing eyes, swords and wearing a colorful cloak covering our faces with masks. But at some point in our life we do encounter with evil, we do taste the fruit of injustice. We are in self doubt and despair, and in those times we connect to  these fictional experiences and stories in our day to day life, we kind of relate to it.

There is a certain extent to which the stories we read and the characters we admire influence our behavior. We all have become kings, queens, prince or princess of some land, living in grand palaces, with beautiful gardens in our childhood. They actually shape up our culture.

I remember, reading a parable about Blind men and an elephant, the parable where all the blind men were grasping different parts of the elephant and were describing elephant in different ways. The parable states how we humans grasp different parts of truth and make it one whole and complete truth the way we want to perceive it to be. its only when we are being open to each other’s point of view we are actually able to understand the whole truth . Learning for sure from the parable isn’t it?

The fables, parables, stories and characters mould our values, whatever may be the story about our culture, society, family or nation it has helped us shape our attitudes and who we are today.

For me, stories and characters have been like thought experiments, we believe in them or we intend them not to be, they definitely help use our imagination and create our worlds.

It’s with them that we summarize our lives some fantastic and memorable moments and it’s through them that we learn life enduring lessons.

Fantasy is all about the world we would like to live in, the world we like to be, the dreams we see and pursue.

It teaches us to explore and dream, give it a thought, where would we all be if we never learnt to dream!

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