Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Side Effects !!!!

We all have done this before and keep on doing it, planning a vacation whether it is to go explore a new destination or its back to our homeland to meet our family and friends. The excitement is all around us, just with the thought that we are going to be away for few days from the routine...isn’t it??

Well, now what’s the worst part when the vacation ends? Yes!!! Returning back to the mundane life….

The worst part of the vacation when it ends is that if brings along with it, lots of side effects. The good side effects I call them “ memories “ and the bad side effects I call them “ holiday blue s “….

The afterglows of the vacation stays with me for say few days or maximum for a week. Then it’s all the same as before, “Aww… back to work and Isshhhhh the morning alarms!

Today it’s my first day  back to blogging ,  I have been away from my blog for a long time and the reason was  oblivious I was on a vacation with my family. I have been away from my lap top, my writing and believe you me it a little hard to get back to writing!!!!

While I was away, I was able to capture lots of ideas which are stored on my phone. ( thanks to the technology , you don’t  need a paper and a pen , contributing to the go green green in a way !! :) ).

The files on my laptop are glaring at me as if saying, “Why don’t you finish the work you started.”

“NAAH!” I won’t do any of these today , tells my brain !!!

For now let me spend some time playing with my 7 year old son , after all the time spent in his company is the most precious of all , and the rest all can wait .

And then , I will buckle my shoe and take a brief walk, to get that blood pumping in my body and grab some energy ………!!!!!

How do I get my brain to the blogging mode? That’s what I wonder!!!!!
It’s just a matter of time I believe, I would snap out of this mode soon….

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