Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The new year, we all expect it to start with joy, with new dreams, with new aspirations, new goals. We sit and consider what we have done in the past 12 months, and resolve to do better this year ….

But the year started with a shocking and heart breaking news of our friends who met with an accident and lost both their kids. They were our friends first and neighbors’ later, as we both reside on the same floor of the building.

I write my first post of 2014 with a tribute to the two angels……!!!!!

We still leave the house for the school at the same time but “SHE “is not there in the lift.

We still wait for the bus to arrive, but among all the kids “SHE “is missing ….

Her remarks - Aunty Hurry we are late today, color of your t- shirt is my favorite as well, your hair look messy today Aunty, you forgot your glasses today Aunty  watch the step….. I miss those remarks every morning!!

Everything is the same in a way ….. But a lot has changed as well in a big way…

It was a routine for the “HIM “to come and pick an Oreo from me daily, I was his Oreo aunty and he was my “Oreo boy “.

Our conversation with each other, in English was Oreo, thank you and bbbbbyyyeee … rest was all the babbling of words ,a combo of English and Malayalam language , which his mother and me would try and figure out what he is trying to say, my friend would translate the word for me in English … and there he would just repeat after her the English word looking at me as if trying to tell me “ya see did u get what I said”!!!

Some relations don’t need name and neither language barrier, they are just there, and we get woven into a bond of love and care…

It’s been a month today since they are gone …….

While I write, I wonder with shattered beliefs and assumptions of what life should be?

I knew little why god had to call their names that day???

Though the transition through the difficult times is a audacious drive , the shock , the denial , the horror , the sleepless nights, we slowly we try to endure  all that and as a new bud blooms into a flower slowly start remembering the ones we have lost in a different and a special way .

Their laughter, their spirit, the way their smile use to make me feel would still make me cry, but in a loving reflection. We would not see them but they will be by our side always …

Life continues ……………………..

The hollow will be filled with memories and that’s what matter’s……

This is how they would want it to be as well ………..



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