Friday, June 13, 2014

The Right Place

I was wondering what a thought is, its energy nothing else and it's said that energy always needs to manifest itself isn’t it?
Energy is not something that can be stocked and you cannot even block it. It will get out anyway how much we try. I believe that if we try to avert the energy from flowing out it will find a different way to articulate itself. I have learned one thing in my life, that if you try not to follow your energy and try to swim against the stream of your own flow, energy will express itself in form of sickness, tiredness, depression, tantrums, and many more things which obviously are not going to be pleasant.
So, why should we try to obstruct the energy? Why not take the road where our energy takes us?
That road is nothing but, your way!! The way we want the things to move!!
We just have to dare being ourselves and the just watch; we will feel the energy within us.
I have seen lots of people, who try to be somebody else, try to pretend what they are not. They try to either imitate someone else, or are in the process of pleasing parents, peers, spouse, boss, children, friends, whoever and whatever! Result your energy is jammed.
Yes!! I know what people might think!! They would take us to be selfish, an outlaw following your own road? The answer is “No “. In following our own path, the road which we have chosen, we end up being ourselves. That is freedom.
Its time, we start looking at the world like a huge wardrobe, a wardrobe with their own costumes, the ones that fit us perfectly. Always remember as long as you try to pretend and be someone else, you are trying to fit into someone else's costume, which is either going to be too small for you or its going to be too big. And it's only going to make you uncomfortable.
You will always have a feeling of being a stealer, a person who stole someone's costume. That means, you are not at all at the right place, doing the right thing with the right kind of people! You are taking someone else's place, with their costume.
But the question here is how do we know, if we are at the right place, doing the right thing, with the right kind of people?
We all have a spinning machine, where all the questions are stored!! It's our mind! Our so called head the spinning machine comes to a standstill, it just stops on itself. And I am sure we all can feel it, we feel good, everything is right, nothing seems to be wrong. When asked for, our talents are at its best and always ready to be offered to those around us. Questions just seem to vanish somewhere, and everything seems to be at the right place.
Have you ever, think if someone else is doing your job, if someone else is doing what you should be doing then, neither they nor you are at the right place. It's very important to find the right place where you belong.
How about you all? Have you found your right place yet!!!

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