Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Game Of Two Halves

OK!!  Cricket still rules my heart, still a diehard cricket fan, but football has managed to carve a little space in my heart as well now. All thanks to my 8 year old who keeps me awake this time of the year watching FIFA 2014!!

I couldn’t watch football game ever, for me it was a bunch of sportsmen running on a ground behind a ball.  Football isn’t most beautiful game because of the dangers involved in the game. The bone crushing hits, flog of the head, the things that will affect the players lives.

I agree that’s not what this is all about!! The more you learn about the sport its fun obviously!!

The things that made me cringe hardest then , now still makes me watch the game may because somewhere it combines with speed, grace, and untainted brutality which no other sport does.

Somewhere I question myself, that should I actually sit through the night and encourage my son to watch it.

I should find it attractive or I shouldn’t watch at all?      

Yes, it’s a kind of a sport and like all the other sports even football teaches life lessons. It teaches personal growth, work ethic, teamwork, goal setting and most important helps in building a character not to forget along with physical fitness.

But the proven dangers with it are too risky, makes me wonder should I allow my son to play football, I don’t want my child to get hurt, where it’s beyond repair!! Yet I watch other kids do exactly the same.

When is it that it’s too much? When do we get conscious about the damage caused by the utter violence?

But, then all the other sports have their disadvantages and their part of danger and risk isn’t it!! Does that mean that I will keep my son away from sports?

He is a fantastic cricket player and he loves to play football as well!!!  Perhaps the difference is not in the danger involved but in the awareness I keep telling myself ?

I don’t have answers to any of these questions!!!

At what point do I have to actually worry? I keep wondering: is there a point where it all becomes too much?

So whether its Brazil, Spain , Argentina Or Germany, one thing;s for sure I am glued on to football fever for sure !!!

Yes I am troubled!!! Yet I still sit through the night and watch!!!

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