Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friendship - A biggest Treasure

I recently have come across my old friends, with whom I had lost touch over the years. Some are my school /college batch mates, some my colleagues with whom I had spent my few years working I have remembered all of them in some way or the other , by sharing what all we did with the new friends I made along the path of life.

But still they feeling of getting in touch with them again and remembering the old days really brought the thrill back in me and made me think , what a wonderful thing it is to be a FRIEND and how beautiful is FRIENDSHIP.

Friendship has certain status in our society, it is in contrast with all those relationships over which we have no control or may be a little control. The families we can’t change, neighbor’s who irritated us, and colleagues with whom we have to put up with, friends are the only freely chosen part of your life and it’s assured that those relationships are most pleasurable.

I would say friendship is just a simple bond which two people share who like each other’s company. It is definitely full on hidden assumptions and lots of unspoken words. There is no argument as to what all friendship involve, or what when it gets a little sour (as it may get sometimes), and what if you are hurt. It’s a delicate affair and I suggest why to load it with lots of demands, it’s better to absorb the hurt and retreat.

If you ask people, they define FRIENDSHIP in many ways. For some its loyalty, for some it is something which has no obligations, some would say it is more important to them then their marriage /family, few would say they would die for friendships and for few it would mean nothing at all.

Most of us feel pride about their friends, at least I do. We should be pleased that they chose you to be their friend and vice a versa. I believe that the friends reflect some important truth about who you are.

Have any one of us ever thought where do we fit in this friends lives. There is a huge uncertainty, because many of us are just connection threads. And in this absence of uncertainty and assumptions sometime we get horribly surprised!!!!!

How many times you have seen that a person who is on the top of the friend list and just one small thing or may be a big issue, the person is out of the list. OR
When you expected the most that your friend would stand by your side in your rough times and you have realized that they have all withered away.

Friendship use to be different in the past, friends use to meet often, exchange wishes and had loads of aquatancies. But today the meaning of friendship and friends everything has changed. If you can join for a drink over the weekend of course, “YOU ARE GREAT MATES “.
or for how many of us friendship has meant that caring for each other, taking care of each other children when required.

We can start to thinking about it and being more honest about our own self and what we like about our own friends, what needs they fulfill and what we are prepared to do for them.

We should create this powerful bond. It isn’t easy as friendship is as subtle dance. We all have to understand that people are unpredictable but we have to play the game of friendship .people with friends tend to live longer then the ones without, that’s what the study has said.

After all friendship defines what it means to be human.

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