Thursday, November 24, 2011

One Life .... why so serious ???

Have you ever thought that god gave us birth has human and human beings are the only species to whom he gifted the right to choose happiness. Now you believe it or not we have become the most serious living thing on this beautiful earth.

“Don’t take life too seriously. You will never come out of it alive; this was said by a Hubbard. A life is electrifying; thrilling experience, then why makes it boring and sloppy.

You have this one life and that is it. This is the moment, try to live at the fullest and make the most of this one life because , whether there are rebirths or reincarnations that’s a different story , but we have only this one life and we should live it at the best without any regrets.

Joy… the only opposite of seriousness!!! The creatures are like birds, animals can’t be serious one because they can’t express it, and secondly they live in the moment so they are always happy.

We have made seriousness the way of our life, we think that if will not understand the situations worth then people will think we are the biggest show offers, few may say we have do not have any respect to life.

But that’s their opinion; in my opinion enjoy life and all that it has to offer because. “They lived happily ever after “is not the ending of the fairy tales only it should be the sole purpose of every ones’ life.

The people who have only learnt to sulk in life and live with grumpy faces, they are spending major part of their lives sobbing, whereas those with happy state of mind and body take the challenges of the life with a great spirit and they are the ones who have understood the mantra. “ONE LIFE – WHY SO SERIOUS?

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