Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There is an amazing world outside. The world of joy, happiness and success. Still we are always unwilling to step outside our self created boundaries, the so called our COMFORTABLE ZONE……!!!!! Each of us have limited our life a certain area, or say to certain way of living. We get so disturbed when there is a bit of a change in normal routine.

We have started living, a life in a box. However, all the boxes are not the same. The size varies and so do the walls of the boxes. People tend to live in these boxes, no matter how tiny they are with their needs, want and desires from life and they tend to grow also over the years. But they are unwilling to break out that box and aim higher.

Even people who are millionaires live in their boxes; just that the size of the box is a bit bigger…….The idea is to say that, no one can achieve anything in life, if he is contented with himself with what he has and where he is... Even the millionaire has to break his box and step outside to become a billionaire.

The constraints which is created in our mind, stops us from seeing what’s outside.

Sitting where we are and telling our self that, this is what is destined for me is just going to limit us. We need to open our mind make it more flexible, let the ideas pour in from outside, let the knowledge and openness make its way inside. Expand your thoughts, widen your horizon. The end result of it would be that the boxes you are living will expand and the self created walls will become thinner. Only to make us realize the reality bringing us closer to the dreams.

It is difficult to shatter the box we are living in, that can be done by highly enlightened people. We can at least, increase the size of the box that we are leaving in. reflect the thoughts in your mind

Do you find any such factors that limit your thoughts? If so try and eliminate those thoughts that are limiting you, to expand and fill yourself with thoughts that will empower you to reach out your goals.

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Gauri Trivedi said...

Very nicely written..as children we have open minds but as we grow it seems our world gets narrower.