Sunday, December 25, 2011

Time Flies..........

My son is going to turn six in a day. Today when we were sitting and making plans for his birthday bash, I came to a realization that how time has flown.

I have learned one thing that life does not stand still; it is always changing, growing and being renewed. Time has become more infinite and real for me, when I measure it with my sons obvious and visible growth.

It just seems like yesterday, when I held him for the first time ,me and my husband could not believe that we have become parents.

It just seems like yesterday, when I use to have those long nights feeding, changing nappies and rocking him off to sleep.

It just seems like yesterday, when we made funny sounds and faces to bring that small twinkle in his eyes and a smile which was worthwhile...
Time moved, and then he started to “babble “those first words, few which were beyond our understanding but, soon started to make sense. Those days just seem like yesterday.

Then the day arrived, the first day of his kindergarten. I was more nervous, and then he was! The initial hours of separation were difficult for both of us, but we managed!!!

Now, he goes to school with his uniform on, bag, books, with all the excitement of a new adventure. Today playing in the sand, going over to friends place and riding his cycle are the most important parts of his daily routine. All this tomorrow are going to be memories again!!!

Today we are the sole decision makers of his life. We decide what is right!! What is wrong! WE ARE HIS CHOICEMAKERS. But soon it’s going to change and he is going to be on him own to face the truth of life.

I believe for a child another year is a milestone they want to clear fast, something they want to rush…
As a parent, it is something I would want to avoid and slow down!!!!
How much we try we cannot stop time, neither we can make it slow down!! What we have today, we should make the most of it, because soon it is going to become distant memories.THATS LIFE!

Time is flying, it has flown and it will keep on flying. So enjoy today, that’s what I am doing at present making a moment, a memory which I will remember years from now reflecting on how time has flown...

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