Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Resolution Thoughts .......

“I will exercise everyday “… I will quit smoking and drinking …….” I will not eat any sweats this year !!! Are the few of the new resolutions many of us would have made. We are already in the middle of the first month of the New Year, and half of such resolutions made by hundreds must have taken the back seat already. For the balance few which is left, they must be on the verge of end soon.

We all evaluate our performances in the last 365 days cycle either with a smile , a pat on the back , or we cringe and say “ may be this year !!!! “.

In the beginning of the New Year we all make resolutions which we share with others or keep to ourselves. Some of us try our best to keep up with it, but fail mid way or in a month or two. While some keep up to their commitments.

Have we thought that why we are not among that committed lot? For most of us 95% of our thoughts are the same every day. It keeps us in the same rut, doing the same thing, at the same place. The place from where we just can’t seem to move out.

We hardly ever deal with our New Year resolution seriously. They are taken in the spur of a moment and hence they are just treated as mere tools. The tools to bring in a sensational entry into the new year with full of hope and aspirations.

We generally give up our resolutions due to the limited success we had with our previous resolutions. It gears us to think that we are likely to fail with the new ones as well.

The resolutions come from a strong burning desire to change! They are like fairy tales, we all know that they don’t exist in reality but we still keep on reading to fulfill our desire for a miracle.

Driving a car of a foggy night, with a bleak and unclear road ahead, we get a sigh of relief when we reach the destination. But we reach there by mere instinct and common sense. We cannot have the same approach to the goals and resolutions made in our lives, for that we need to know the exact road and where it is going to lead us too!!

It may sound a bit cliché but we make a through travel plan or a wedding plan, but when it comes to plan a life we are not as through. Lots of us ( including me ) spend hours on the internet making a travel plan , - with a well though back –up plan as well ( just in case the original plan fails due to XYZ.. reasons ).
But when asked, how about some resolutions, our response is with a shrug,” will see ‘or "not thought yet "!!!!

We need to plan. When we fail to plan, we plan to fail.
So this year a different game plan, A PLAN TO WIN.

As mentioned in my earlier post boxes ,for years we have been thinking the same, now it’s the time to make some space in the box where we live for the new thoughts, new creativity and new vibrations to move in.

It’s time again to think about the resolutions as commitments. It’s time to get up and practice something new.

I am sure we all would want to picture ourselves sitting here, one year from today looking back at 2012 and smiling because we have accomplished 2-3 things that we wanted to accomplish, WE ARE PATTING ON OUR BACK!!!!!


A day in the life of a MOM said...

I definitely have some resolutions up my sleeve, one of them being finding a little time for myself every single day.

Shazneen said...

U know what !!!! seems our brains are interlinked in a way.. :)I have few in my stride as well !! one of them being finding a bit of time ... :) m sure will b able to make it :)