Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stay At Home Mom ......

Today when I meet people and during the conversation, when I tell them, “I am a stay at home mom “. I get that “LOOK “, the look kind of there is something terribly wrong with me ...

I get to hear the comments, like Oh!!!!! How could you do that??? All the time with the kids... naah I cannot do it /or my brains would be just so scrambled if I had to do that, / I have a career for which I worked so hard , I would not leave it to be a stay at home mom !!!!!

Time and time again, these comments made me wonder and think about the days of my childhood and as a matter of fact not all but most of us and our childhood and our mothers. I guess, in those days mothers stayed at home. They were there for us all during those times when we did things for the fist time, those weird reactions we gave on exploring new stuff, to console our fears. They did all this with choice and desire and not out of compulsion .

So what happened now? Why in today’s society, stay at home mom is a rarity!
Today‘s mother, wants to prove it to the world, that “we can have it all “. A balanced family life with a great career, and I am sure that most of them, are able to do that as well. But May I ask at what cost?

In the race of proving and achieving, an ideal family concept is lost somewhere. Ideal families where there is a working father, stay at home mom and kids. Now we have a workaholic father, a workaholic mother and kids who are looked after in a daycare!!!!

I am sure when we decide to bring a child into this world; it’s our decision to become a “MOTHER”. In the chase to reach that peak in the career and gaining the financial stability, we leave them to the people we don’t know, since when did it become OK to have other people take care of our child???

I was at a budding career and had my own financial freedom as well, but I had decided that when I will have a kid, then he/she will be the topmost priority in my life and my own life will have to take a back sit for a while………is something wrong in it. I always tried to do my best in whatever I did, and believed that my child also deserves the that 100 percent of my best… which meant BEING THERE ALL THE TIME…….

In the process, I may have lost or missed on few things which come in the accomplishment lists of few people, but when I see my 6 yr old child, I consider him to be my true accomplishment. I may not be contributing to the family in any monetary ways, but my contribution exceeds that, from the crack of a dawn to ebb of the night, caring, loving, playing, feeding, listening etc. it’s hard, damn hard with weeks, months and years that leaves you exhausted and emotionally drained as well at times. Yet it is worth it. It’s rewarding at the deepest level, forging a bond of a lifetime. I wear a badge of stay at home “MOM “with honor.

With all the due respect to all the working mothers out there (no offence intended to anyone!!), but just to prove a point that...

There is nothing like “JUST “stay at home mom. It’s a 24 hours job!!!!!!!

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