Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Married Best Friends ……….

My husband and I have been married since 8 years now, we have known each other since 10 yrs when we both were working in the same organization and have been inseparable since then. We both have been raised in two different cultures; still on closer look we found that we have a lot of common traits, tastes and preferences.

A marriage relationship is intended to be the deepest form of sharing. There is sharing of communication, sharing of materialistic items, sharing of home and the most important sharing of ourselves emotionally and intimately.

All the sharing in life has helped us both to develop an ever deepening bond between us and encouraged us to be better.

Time has passed in our lives, we have experienced a lot of things together and when I pause and think of all the memories we have made, the good and the bad times that we have shared, the love between us just seemed to have grown.

I always feel lucky to have such an awesome human being as my husband, he is kind, caring and not to mention handsome, funny at times, generous and loving.

In these wonderful 8 years of togetherness, we went through every joy and sorrow, raising hopes and achieving goals.

In him I have found an ally, a protector in whose arms I feel safe, a friend who has been honest and faithful. He has not only been a wonderful husband, but a terrific father, provider and a caretaker.

Yes, there have been times when he is having his own problems at work or fighting his own battles in his mind, which forces him not to be at his best, but as said LIFE’S HOUSEHOLD ISNT ALWAYS PERFECT.

While we do share our joys and have endless conversations about things we like or agree upon. We also scream our hearts out in anger and pour our own buckets of tears when our views clash. The notion that a peaceful marriage is a marriage without any fights and arguments is a fantasy.

The key to a peaceful marriage is never quarrel, but how to quarrel effectively without damaging the relationship. A great marriage does not just happen it definitely requires unrelenting energy, commitment and determination

I am thankful to god, to bring in that moment in life when I met him, as that was the time when I knew in an instance that in him I have found my soul – mate.

It is his love that keeps me sane, and his smiles that assure me that everything is always going to be all right. One of the greatest things I have is the gift of being his wife.

Indeed we are what you call Married Best Friends.


A day in the life of a MOM said...

Happy Valentine's day to the "married best friends"..I bet your hubby feels luck =y to have you.

Shazneen said...

Wishing u the same gauri..:)