Friday, February 24, 2012

Parents Not A Burden- Our Responsibility

Today how many of us consider our parents as our responsibility, I would say very few.
Each of us want to live our life and most of us consider that our old parents the cause of our mere existence in this world are just burden and nothing else! They made us what we are today and we are the one who are responsible for their future.

Parents have never thought back to give us the smallest pleasure in the world , though that was not very easy for them but just to see that smile on our face they would to anything . They took our hand in the childhood because we were learning to walk, they taught us how to overcome the obstacles and go forward, but what do we do now when they have not remained so strong to walk on their legs...Do we give them our hand? Or give them a stick and say walk your way.

Some have gone to the extent of putting their parents in Old Age Homes… I ask why???? Just because they are now physically and monetarily weak the children think that it's the destitute of the parents to die and leave them there and get rid of their responsibilities towards them…. How ungrateful the materialistic word has made us?? Why can't we balance the professional and family life? They gave us a world to live in and today we give them a room and say this is where you belong. How disgusting on our part.

But "NO "we want our own independence. They have spent so many sleepless nights catering to our needs without complaining and when they need us in we run away from them to find our own peace.
The joint family system is almost fading away, and with the nuclear family concept coming in where the husband and wife both are behind earning money and in return neglecting their parents and in laws respectively. And if the parents are staying together then they are treated no better than the servants to take care of their children.

We should not forget that getting old is a process of life. It's a circle which will come to us also, today our parents are old tomorrow we are going to be old. What we do to our parents may come back to us from our own children.

So it's high time for us to understand our responsibility and start becoming a parent to our own parents… as that's what they need in these last years of their life, love and caring of their dear ones..

I thought of sharing this with you all simply because I was watching a movie called UMAR ...and remembered about this article, (I had written  this article in 2009, on article base at that time I was inspired to write about it, by an old man who had asked for a lift on the road whose destination happened to be an Old Age Home ).


A day in the life of a MOM said...

Honestly speaking I don't really approve of the joint family system as much(being raised in a joint family myself)..its fun for the kids but hard for the women of the house..BUT I am 100% with you on the responsibility thing, I would want to take care of my parents and in laws and if that means staying together in their old age, I will.

Shazneen said...

I never lived in the joint family though now after marriage . I have one . But I have been out since marriage. We don't need to be in a joint family to take care of our elders, that can be done staying away as well.

I agree to what you are pointing at, that the Women of the house in a joint family has a lot on her shoulders, but joint family system at the least helps us lead a value based life and develop mutual respect, in spite of differences - an absolute necessity in today's world with so many differences. :) :)