Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Friendship Day !!! ( Belated )

LOVE: “Why do you exist even when I do?
FRIENDSHIP replies: “To put a smile where you have left tears.”  (Guess lots of us have read this somewhere!!).

Pal , buddy , companion, whatever you call them , it remains the same : ( as Shakespeare said , “ what’s in a name ? ), it does not matter what we call our friend, what matters is the bond  of love and care we share with each other .

Friendship is the first relation we learn to build as a child, and it’s not taught nor are we aware of it. It’s like a spontaneous urge that we feel. Friendship creates vigor in life and adds color to it, a best gift of god on the earth, is a friend and without friendship life is a like an imprisonment.  I would say it’s the best possession we can ever acquire in a lifetime.

An infrastructure of every relationship is – Friendship. everyone needs someone , that one person who will accept him or her , listen , and let them know they are not alone , that’s friendship is all about = holding the hand when you are empty inside and not standing in the crowd only when you are in joy. Friendship is an unending flow of feelings and emotions. It definitely is not a one way street, it demands commitment from both. The fruits of friendship are always sweet and it would drop from the tree only we are most hungry (I am sure, most of you will agree with me J ).

Friends have always been essential part of my life. If truth be told, they form the heart of my life and not only a part of it.

Though now there are so many attractive and purposeful sites. (All know what I m hinting at yes fib, what’s app bla bla bla J to reunite friends).  ,  I have not been able to keep in touch with lots of old pals  as well as the new one’s I have made   in this journey  of life ( list of reasons are too long !!!  ).

I hope that the friendship gets better every day and get back all my lost friends and some new to enjoy life to the fullest.

I end this post , dedicating it to all my friends , although that I have always found it very difficult to define friendships , I believe that that best things are always best described when they remain UNDESCRIBED.!!!!

Happy Friendship Day!!!!! ( Belated !!)

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