Monday, March 17, 2014


It was late Saturday evening and I was sitting thinking about all that I have to accomplish in a week ahead. Plan my mother’s visit to Muscat , classes I have to attend, articles which I needed to finish ( lying on my desk for a long time now !! ), the grocery list which was nicely stuck on my refrigerator and so on . Not to mention, the minutiae of calls, emails, face book, whattss app (how can we forget that, after all it keeps us connected to family and friends whole day long).

Do I need to mention how I felt, obviously tired, overwhelmed, totally self absorbed and Incapacitated?

Result, today morning I was awake around dawn, sitting in the gallery feeling the gentle breeze which brushed my face now and then, the dew drops on the plants made me smile. I took some deep breaths and instead of heading back into the room decided to do some meditation and watch the sun rise.

We all  rise to  the new day with lots to do and I am no different .Anticipating the day which had just began ,today I had to finish the grocery shopping , pen down a new article , had some fun activities for my son and most important had to take my walk.

The same circumstances which seemed scary, daunting and impossible to manage a night before appeared to be filled with potential in the morning.


I am doomed- or I am just lucky,
I will get sick – or I will just feel great
I will fall – or my day will be full of promise.

My mind full of thoughts!!

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so ---
These were my thoughts and viewpoints but I term then a little differently I call them as Good Reality and the Bad Reality.

I would rather be in the good reality, the positive, pleasant and the reality which is full of possibility.

With shinning sun,   chirping birds, easy fun flowing life.

Yes problems exist, but if there were no problems we would have never learnt the importance of challenges and never would have learnt how to fight and overcome the challenges.

I as well drop into Bad Reality sometimes, I feel weighed, down, inadequate and powerless at times.

The sun seems nothing more than a gloomy fireball, surroundings are moarse, difficult life which is stagnant.

I can't find my spirit and energy seems to be lost. But I know I can handle it!

When I ponder over, is it a choice I think and it is my viewing lens that changes my experiences.

When I slip back sometimes on my own stream, I change my mind or laugh even do both sometimes. when I feel too tired and can't find my way back. I take rest, take that time-out for myself with a steaming hot cup of tea it’s kind of “I am back to myself “ and Good Reality seems to return.

I keep experimenting with reality, the external world changes, each time, and each day through my viewing lens. Question is can I cross over and how fast. The belief, that by changing my thoughts I can change the Reality and I do manage it but not always!!!!

How about you all? Which reality are you in now?

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