Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friendships Do Die !!!!!

As it is said nothing good can last forever, everything that is good comes to an end, we can say that for friendship as well. If we think that good friendship may last forever, we may be wrong. There are very few friendships which actually survive, and I would call it as they are lucky friendships.

We are taught from our childhood that ‘Friends are like diamonds, precious and rare “. We have to preserve them and always try to do everything possible in this world to keep them forever as they are very difficult to come by.

Have we ever given a thought that if we all were dormant, unchanged. If at all we never moved forward or even backwards, if there was totally no growth then I believe we all would have been able to manage and maintain most of our relationships ( which ever they may be !!!.)

Unfortunately that’s not the case, we all change with time, with circumstances and with each given situation and so do our relationships. 

In the journey of life ,we meet people and they become friends, some stick around ( that’s good !! ) , some decide to leave ( that’s good as well !! ) ,some drift away with time ( which is normal ) and some just lose touch ( that’s a common thing !!).

In past one week, I witnessed few friendships end. The association which has been long, the friends who all believed to be life-long just chose to take separate roads. We all have faced such a moment in our lives as well ,where we have lost a friend whom we held very close to our heart, in other words we all have seen “ Death of Friendship “ . We all have experienced an end of friendship we thought would never end.( I have lost one friend years back !! ) .

Just in case, you have not experienced it personally, I am sure you would have friends who have experienced it and would relate to – “we just stopped talking “!!!!

No one likes to end the friendship, but it happens. There is sadness, a void in the heart, a feeling of hurt. There is a scar which remains to the core. Has it been easy to edit things ever? No, it’s never been easy to totally edit someone out of our life. Yes, they neither would be in our present nor in the future, but they will always exist in our past.

That’s it!! They are just not there anymore.  Accept it. Life moves on isn't it?

Friendship is like a river. It flows towards its destination and on the way it meets many interesting people. Relations between friends change, so best is to accept it that they have changed. Do not wipe the slate clean, instead keep them in memories.

Reasons can be known or unknown for the friendships to die; the cause of it could be you or anyone else. But the truth is that the relationship has a crack, things are not going to be same. It’s time to learn from the experience, the best thing is to stop investing in people who do not deserve us, people who do not understand the value of friendship.

It is not a universal law that al friendships come to an end. Many friendships survive over a long period and give immense joy. Why not take our friendships as one of those types and nurture them?

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