Monday, September 5, 2016

An Empty Nest

Since morning my phone as been buzzing with pictures, amidst the teachers day , ganesh chaturthi messages , my entire focus was on the messages from my nieces.

They move in to an university campus today, makes me happy as they are going on a different journey all by themselves from today. A different world, different people and the most important different country. But happiness is coupled with sadness, the thought of walking in to my sister’s home and not seeing them, the thought of not seeing them for a while now, and the idea of what my “Sister “ a "Mom” is going through today, at this moment.

Thousands of young children are about to start getting settled into their new lives at the university, making new friends walking the new path of their lives. But what about the “MOTHERS”, it’s a new beginning for them as well. Mothers who have changed their kids nappies , have seen them through their sickness, have pulled them from the betrayed friendships. What about her  the “MOM”.

The prolog of your child leaving for the University can be or should I say is “ Stressful”. Having a child leave for university is generally regarded as measure of success, a sense of satisfaction that  you have prepared them for the world. But it satisfaction is followed by the grief, yes you definitely grieve over them leaving the home. We all dread that moment , but we all have to face that  DAY  in our life.

The reality sinks in when after days of sitting on the coach and watching T.V, those late nights end and one fine morning they start cleaning up their room and what all they need goes in those “ Bags” placed on the bed. What is left behind are empty cup -boards and book shelves.

The reality sinks in when in the University all the doors welcome you with all that “Smiles”.

The reality sinks in when all of the sudden you stand right there and all these doors began to close. The corridor becomes empty , you stand there, that hug when you are trying to balance your emotional and physical self !! As your child walks pass that empty corridor making a divide between the family and university.

What flashes in front of you ?
The first day at the kindergarten !!!
The first day at the school !!
The first day at the dance class !! and many other first times.

You want to shout , with those wet blurred eyes, “No !!! Not Yet !! Its too soon !!!!

I am sure you all agree that goodbye hugs are not good they are heart wrenching , though we know that this good-bye does not meant that they are gone forever, but yet it means we are not going to meet for a while.

On your return!!! The  “HOME” isn't the same.

On dinner tables , you have those two empty chairs, the back seats in the car is empty when you have to go for a social family visits!!!!

How much we have taught them to be independent and confident in their lives, all that lessons seems to be hopeless!!! Isn’t it ?


And we all go through or will eventually go through the Empty Nest Syndrome !!!

You will find few more who are in the same situation as you, you share a tear, a laugh and create a bonding a kind of a connection that makes you realize “you are not alone”.You have faith that they will flourish, they will become young adults , because you have given them what all they needed.

We all learn !!! We all accept !!!

We  accept that they have embarked on new journey learning to make a new nest.
Yes, leaving behind “AN EMPTY NEST”!!!!!!!

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